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Jessica Boston, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach
Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Writer Tab

If you want to be booked to write or if you want to talk publicly about the writing you have done you need to tick this tab and have it as live in your profile.

Showcase your writing skills and published work in this section.

If you are a inspiring writer you must have this tab live in your profile to show that you are ready for paid work relevant to what you ticked you are available for. Showcase your skills and get booked.

Talent Scouts are going to go to the tab that is relevant to the services that they need. Do not worry about repeating information, text, photos, video on multiple tabs. Make each tab the best you can.

Never leave a text box blank – Always write N/A or Coming Soon. Fill out your profile fully.

The “Writing” tab has the following sections to fill out.

Section One

Synopsis – Please write a short introduction that explains your writing work.

Available For – Please tick the boxes relevant for the experience you have as a writer.

Experience Level – Please tick the experience level you have for each type of work that you are available for. This will not be shown anywhere on your profile but it will be used in our talent search filters. Please be honest with your experience level as we want to be able to match you with the right jobs and opportunities. Many people are seeking brand new faces for experience and exposure.

Specialist Topics – Tell us in your own words about your specialist topics. What makes your expertise so specialist and bespoke to you? What is your writing style and what do you like to write?

Recent Credits – Create a quick fire list of your gigs and credits in this text box – something in list form is easier to read and people will be going fast through the profiles. Add links to your work so that people can read it immediately. Again refer to Claire Anstey’s example profile to see how it should be done. If you have no gigs or credits yet you must collaborate on this platform and create experience. This is why we set up the collaborate section in this platform. Even the biggest names collaborate and JV to create.

Writing Experience – You have already listed your recent credits and gigs so here talk about what you can offer in each role you said you was available for previously ( blogger, author, screen writer ) as well as adding some of the previous experience you have. Remember it is all about proving your expertise and giving people new ideas about the content and angels you can provide as a expert. This is where you can write about pdf examples that you have added to the gallery in this tab.

Qualifications & Awards – List your relevant qualifications and any awards that you have received.

Testimonials – Add any testimonials that praise your work as a writer. Ask your audience for testimonials and ask any media professionals or business owners that you have done written work for. Do not leave this blank, write “coming soon” whilst you gather what you need.

Other Information –  Add anything here that you feel is relevant to this tab.

Video Gallery –  You may wish to add a video of yourself talking about your work or evidence of something you have written if it was for screen. Maybe you have been interviewed about your writing or have a company video for somewhere you worked.

Image Gallery –  Add evidence of your written work. Add photos of publications you have worked for, add photos of logos and cover pages.

PDF Gallery – Add evidence of your published work. People will want to see examples of your writing style so add pdf examples here for their viewing.

Audio Gallery –  Here you can add a audio introduction from yourself. Talk about your work and experience as a writer and / or you can read some of your writing out loud – this works brilliantly for those who have written books.


Remember – By ticking this tab you make yourself available to be discovered in our search engines.

Make sure you tick this tab to be discovered.

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