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Jessica Boston, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach
Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Tracey Hall


Always Ethical

Unique ID: excellingindirectsales

Keywords: Mentoring, Listening, Outside the Square

Industry sector: Coaching & Training, Customer Service, Education, Marketing, Sales, Teaching

Location: Australia

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0-3,  3-5,  5-8,  9-12,  Branding,  Business / Management,  Business and Finance,  Business Etiquette,  Business Management,  Children,  Coaching and Training,  Communication Skills,  Conflict Management,  Depression,  Divorce,  Entrepreneurs,  Entrepreneurship Ethics,  Event Hosts,  Family and Parenting,  Finance,  Hosts and Auctioneers,  Industry Sector,  Inspirational Speakers,  Intuition,  Leadership and Peak Performance,  Life Skills,  Management,  Marketing,  Marketing,  Marriage,  Mental Health,  Motivation / Inspiration,  Motivation and Teamwork,  Motivational Speakers,  Negotiation,  Networking,  Performance Improvement,  Personal Development,  Pregnancy,  Presentation Skills,  Presenters,  Purpose,  Sales,  Sales / Customer Service,  Sales and Marketing,  Social Media,  Success,  Teaching,  Time Management,  Young Adults

Industry Sector

Coaching & Training,  Customer Service,  Education,  Marketing,  Sales,  Teaching

Passions & Purpose

My passion is to help others live life on their terms. How I do this is with my business. I want to impact the lives of 500 people this year so that can move their hobby to a business.

My purpose/WHY: I want to build homes around the world for foster children aged 12 to 19. Why this age group well they aren’t cute anymore and they need the most love and care. They are misunderstood and need a stable home with loving people around them. I know what the homes look like and how many children will be living there. I know how the children will be educated and how it will be run.

My passion as a mother of 3 children and grandmother of 1 is to show them that you can do anything in your life just work work work for it.


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I write conversationally. I write with the reader in mind so not a lot of jargon. I like to keep it real in my approach to writing.
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Blogger, Book Author,

Specialist Topics

I Specialise in:

Niching and Micro Niching your business

Direct Sales and Direct Selling (I have been in the industry for nearly 30 years)

How to run a direct selling business and a business

Being ethical in your business

Follow up in business and what it is important

Volunteering and why everyone should do it

Regarding Not for Profit and Volunteering. I have in the past worked on a board for Housing, mentored small business with iGen and mentored through Youth for Causes for a start up social enterprise.

Recent credits

One of my blogs was on spamming

Writing Experience

Co-author with 15 others in Brilliant & Broke to Inspired in Abundant

My chapter is titled “How Facebook saved my life”

This is just a quick synopsis of my life and how an ordinary person overcame adversity.

Qualifications & Awards

Certificate 4 in Small Business Management

Certificate 4 in Governance

4 units of a degree for Business


Testimonial from Chris Rizzo from Australia

Testimonial from Debra Jamieson from Australia

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Mentoring and Training people in the direct sales industry. Helping them go from hobby to business ethically.
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Other, Private Coaching, Retreat, Workshop,

Specialist Topics & Skills

Mentoring and Training people in direct sales to go from hobby to business. This is done by my business partner Jerry Penny and I having an online program.

I specialise in:

Niching and micro niching

Target audience

Back to basics in business for direct selling

Being ethical in business


Coach & Facilitator Experience

Mentoring: I have been in direct sales nearly 30 years so have been mentoring and training people in all aspects from leads to being a leader. Finding leaders in your teams is about identifying qualities that they have and believing in them. Been mentoring face to face, on the phone and online. I mentor for money and also pro bono.

I have been volunteer mentoring in 2016 with iGen a start up business and with Youth for Causes a start up social enterprise which was raising money for Kids Undercover.

Workshops: Been conducting workshops online and face to face. All about finding leads, niching, target audience, client appreciation, follow up.

Recent gigs & credits

Workshops: from June to October 2016 on niching, target audience, leads, customer appreciation

Special Event in February 2017 for The Business Marketplace on niching and micro niching


Qualifications & Awards

Certificate 4 in Small Business Management

Certificate 4 in Governance

5 units of a business degree


Testimonial from Chris Rizzo from Australia (workshop)

Testimonial from Debra Jamieson from Australia (workshop)

Other Information

I have made over 70 videos with our online program and workshop and video tips. This is it help people in the direct sales to be better.

Available For

Online Video Content, Social Media, TV Host

Specialist Topics & Skills

I specialise in the following areas because I have experience in them. I have been in direct sales nearly 30 years seeing the good, the bad and the ugly of the industry. I now want to conduct my business with ethics and integrity.

Niching and micro niching


Direct Sales




Target audience

follow up

customer service

customer appreciation

Recent gigs & credits

Facebook live on business with tips

Niching with Lauren Scott

Abundance, be grateful

Celebrating a win

Business tips for the direct sales industry:


Follow up


On Screen Experience


Other Information

I am a published author with 15 others in a book called Brilliant & Broke to Inspired & Abundant.

I am just about to be published in another book with other authors.

I have published articles online for Business Business Business

My Products Include
Books, Online Courses, Service Based Product, Affilate Programme
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I am one of 16 authors that is in the book Brilliant & Broke to Inspired & Abundant

Just about to be published author in Book of Inspiration

Online Products:

Workshop online 100 tips in 100 minutes

Leads, niching, micro niching, target audience, follow up, customer appreciation

Enlightened Package (5for5)

Learn about business mindset, business planning, goals, sales planning, vision board

Dedication Package (6for6) including Enlightened

Learn about How to find customers, how to build relationships, follow up, closing sales, team building, leaders

Group Mastermind Online (6 sessions)

Success Package (7for7) including Enlightened and Dedication

7 x 1:1 mentoring sessions

Group Mastermind Online (unlimited)


Life gives you curve balls it is how you throw them that counts.

happy to discuss any part of my life if it helps others.

Available for
Education, Career / work, Money / finances, Friends & Family, Love / relationships, Home & Environment, Social life, Death / Tragedy, Life Purpose
Story Details

8yo Family Violence sucks

My mother was attacked by her ex-boyfriend. What haunts me still is that I was the one that opened the door to him. I got my siblings out and went next door. He did end up in  jail.

11yo small business owner

Started ironing and babysitting didn’t realise that I was a business owner so early.  It was fun but tiring.

13yo working for my mother

My mother got cancer so I was doing her cleaning job, going to school and looking after my siblings.

15yo working for my studies

Started work at McDonalds which paid for me to go to Year 11 and Year 12. My parents didn’t pay for my education I did. I loved the work ethic and training that was offered.

16yo kicked out

This was a big shock to me but looking back it was the best thing. I escaped the pedofile step-father and my unparenting mother. I moved in with my then boyfriend and was still doing Year 12. I didn’t know what else to do so I stayed in school.

18yo engaged and home owner

Never thought that would be my life but it was. I thought I was happy but hey meeting him at 15 and being young, living in a shitful home life and just wanting escape, this was my escape.

19yo to 22yo married then divorced

We got married looking back I did it to make sure I never ever went to live with my mother again. I though I loved him but realised we had a brother/sister relationship. I started in direct sales and got my licence. When I wanted to leave he first accused me of being a lesbian (no mate I wasn’t, I just wanted someone else).

22yo to 26yo WOW

Being single and young, OMG did I have so much fun. I was working in Insurance during the day and for 6 months I was going out nearly every single night. I loved the freedom and single lifestyle.

26yo moving from Perth to Melbourne

This was hard for me as my father had broken his back, I moved in with him and my stepmother. I hated it for over 18 months (I got sick constantly). I had a great boyfriend and was working in any job I could to earn money. I was still doing direct sales also. I missed my friends so much. I did go back within a year and did have second thoughts about staying in Melbourne.

28yo life changing decision

I got pregnant and was single (who would have guessed). No one would have predicted that after my single lifestyle in my early 20’s that at 28 I would have a decision to make either have a child alone or have a termination. I chose the hard road lol. It was such a big shakeup for me and my life. I was 29, single with a baby girl. Got diagnosed with depression after my daughter was 18months. Had another breakdown when she was 4, dropping her off to kinder and then coming home to hide.

28yo to 36yo work, life etc

Was working from my daughter being 6 months. I also was doing direct sales when my daughter went to my parents house. (every fortnight). I chose to stay single for a long time as I didn’t want to be like my mother and introduce alot of “men” to my child/ren. I also was celibate and man was I moody. Completed Certificate 4 in Small Business Management

36yo meet my son’s father

Up and down. Was pregnant with my 2nd child. He came out on his due date. I was working volunteer on school council, little athletics, housing board (director), village committee (was part of kingston council). Working in direct sales too. I was busy because my daughter was at school.  Started to study for my double business degree, Just couldn’t cope with all that I had on.

Also doing markets, expos for direct sales. Loving being around customers.



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