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Jessica Boston, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach
Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Sheri Conaway


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Keywords: Writer, Family Suicide, Inspiration

Industry sector: Creative

Location: United States

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I've recently started leveraging the writing I've been doing on my blog into Facebook Live Videos with some degree of success. At the moment, it's predominantly extemporaneous but I've found that speaking in front of a camera isn't much different than chatting with friends.
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I have been writing stories almost since I learned to hold a pencil and form words, but it wasn't until about 3 years ago that I took a leap of faith, left the security of a corporate accounting job, and followed my passion for writing. By then, I had a handful of years of blogging under my belt, an unfinished memoir, and a children's story I'd written for my daughters. Today, I'm fine-tuning those as well as 3 fantasy novels and blogging extensively on stumbling through life with all the best intentions.
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Family suicide: in 1993, my mother took her life. In 2003, my father followed suit, for different reasons and using a method more suited to a strong, adult male, but the emotional impact, at the time, was the same. For the next 6 years, I internalized my feelings while raising my children and working in a series of high-pressure but ill-suited corporate jobs. In 2009, I started writing a memoir and when I got stuck, my blog was born. I’ve since resumed work on the memoir, written thousands of words on suicide from surviving family members’ perspective, and read work by many others on the subject.

Alternative Health: Over the course of my lifetime, I’ve experienced allergic reactions to dozens of pharmaceuticals from aspirin to most mainstream antibiotics. I finally realized my body was trying to tell me to look elsewhere for my healing. I’ve done extensive research on herbs and other natural remedies as well as enrolling in an alternative healing course where the course of study was predominantly energy work. I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t, as well as gaining an awareness of interactions which can be dangerous even with herbs and natural remedies.

Food: I’ve always enjoyed cooking with my daughters and have a passion for scratch cooking and trying new things. A couple of years ago, one of my daughters entered a culinary arts program which has expanded both our knowledge and our propensity to experiment. I enjoy attending food events and seeing the non-traditional combinations other chefs have devised.

Business: I spent the majority of my career, first as a staff accountant and later as a Controller and Compliance manager for a government contractor. Having worked with a lot of small to mid-sized businesses, I wore many hats and wrote reams of policies and procedures as well as proposal documentation. I learned my accounting before the widespread use of computers, so I have a strong nuts and bolts knowledge of the actual flow of work. I’m able to translate that knowledge into plain English extremely well.

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Media Point Design – Primary Content Writer

Dine.Savor.Repeat. – Food Journalist (This website is currently inactive)

A Passion for Writing/Have Ledger Will Travel – Writer, Ghostwriter, Owner, Virtual Business Consultant

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Blogger: I have created and maintain my own blog Living, Learning, and Sharing Experience for almost a decade. In the last 3 years, I’ve added a website and a writing blog which is dedicated to topics on writing, events I attend, and hints on business. I’ve written over 1200 articles on the two sites, and regularly add at least 2 per week.

Book Author: At the moment I have 5 WIP’s: 3 fantasy novels, one memoir about healing from family suicide, and one children’s story. I plan to complete and publish the memoir this year and possibly one of the novels. I also contribute to several critique groups both in person and online.

Copywriter: I have contributed to or edited copy for several websites but credit for all work remains with the site owners.

Ghostwriter: My ghostwriting experience has been in the form of blog posts and email blasts so far, but I’m looking to expand into e-books and other products.

Legal and Business: I bring over 30 years of experience with small, medium, and large businesses to the table. The bulk of my experience has been in construction and aerospace, but the skills I’ve gained are useful in any field.

Web Content: Here again, I’ve written for others as well as my own sites. What I wrote for others remains their sole property.

Magazine Articles: Much of what I write in my blog would transition well to magazine articles. I’m interested in pursuing this market more aggressively in the coming year.



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