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Shane Wolffe


Engineer/Future Proofer

Unique ID: shanewolffe

Keywords: Green Building, Climate Action, Energy Efficiency

Industry sector: Coaching & Training, Construction, Engineering, Housing, Other, Renewable Energy

Location: Canada

Shane Wolffe is a professional engineer who wants to build a better world. Shane knows that the best way to fight climate change, protect the environment, improve people’s health and create jobs everywhere is to Future Proof our buildings. Shane’s mission is to help people understand how they can save money and be part of the climate solution.

Expertise & Speciality

Business / Management,  Coaching and Training,  Consciousness,  Construction,  Economy / Outlook,  Emerging Markets,  Engineering,  Entrepreneurship Ethics,  Environment and Nature,  Futurists,  Futurists,  Home,  Housing,  Leadership,  Meditation and Visualisation,  Renewable Energy,  Spiritual Healing,  Sustainability and Environment,  Sustainability and Environment,  Sustainability and Environment,  Technology,  Training,  Yoga

Industry Sector

Coaching & Training,  Construction,  Engineering,  Housing,  Other,  Renewable Energy

Passions & Purpose

“‘Future Proofing’ is about meeting people’s and natures needs in a sustainable way. Technology is changing so rapidly. We are in an exponential world now which will change so much about how we live, but there are truths that humans can’t deny. We all need food, water, shelter, energy and love. By building better homes and buildings we can grow food, protect water, provide shelter, save and produce energy to live with. Providing these essentials in harmony with our planet is certainly an act of love.”

While working as a green building consultant, Wolffe realized that we are generally building our society ass backwards. We do the least required by law (codes) for the lowest possible price. This is essentially a race to the bottom and one of the primary reasons that our society is destroying our natural world. If instead we focus on the long term benefits that can be achieved by living/building in harmony with nature, humans and other life can thrive on this planet.

If humans are living in unhealthy, toxic environments that utilize polluting sources of energy it becomes much more difficult to evolve our consciousness and live beyond ourselves for the benefit of others.

Recent gigs & credits

  • Compiled and presented “Sustainability Projects for the Métis Nation of Canada” to the Métis National Council on the Environment
  • Presentations to the Yukon Housing and various groups: “Passive House, Net Zero, LEED for homes, and Living Building Challenge Overview” and “How to Future Proof Your Home”
  • Radio and Television interviews with CBC North, CTV Saskatoon, Lit Happens – Shaw TV Saskatoon, etc.
  • Host of “Future Proof Radio” on the Voice America Radio Network exploring topics such as:
    • “Solar Power and Renewable Energy – The backbone of a Future Proof Society”
    • “We take things for granted. Let’s build local Future Proof systems to meet our needs and live more sustain-ably”
    • “Living Net Zero – A Future Proof Home”
    • “The Future of Cities – How do we improve them? How do we Future Proof them?”
    • “Changing the Status Quo – The myth of Clean Coal and how we can change the system”
    • “11 Billion People by 2100 – We must Future Proof our world”
    • “Community Wind Projects – Renewable Energy is the future”
    • “The Living Building Challenge – The ultimate in sustainable architecture”
    • “How the Passive House standard helps build a better world”
    • “The Economics of a Green Home”
    • “How and why to Future Proof Your Home”
    • “Who is Shane Wolffe and what is Future Proof?”



Long Biography

As an entrepreneur Shane has experienced multiple ups and downs while working to help build a better world. Shane’s journey has taught him that there’s nothing like hitting rock bottom to make you find out what you are made of and become the greatest version of yourself.

Born and raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Canada, Shane Wolffe received his bachelors from the University of Regina specializing in Electronic Systems Engineering with a double minor in Computer Science and Software Engineering. As a registered Professional Engineer, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional, Certified Energy Auditor and Level One Thermographer, Shane now uses his skills to advance the practice of commissioning in both buildings and industrial processes.

As an entrepreneur seeking to make an exponential impact, Shane founded with the objectives to:

  • Provide professional consulting services to help building owners and community leaders get the most out of their construction projects
  • Educate the public about energy saving, renewable energy technologies and the technology that will improve our lives in the future
  • Build an online platform for connecting green building professionals (“Future Proofers”) to their customers via the website
  • Benefit society by promoting the practice of commissioning and other green building practices

Shane began his career as a programmer analyst for Saskatchewan Government Insurance. Driven by his passion for the environment, Shane sought to use his education to help make buildings greener. This led to a position with Honeywell Building Solutions where he received the best training in the HVAC and controls industry. Performing preventative maintenance and service in approximately 50 buildings of multiple facility types including: hospitals, schools, office buildings, care homes, post secondary institutions, malls, recreation facilities, pools, an airport and even a science center with a live butterfly hatchery; gave Shane the hands on experience and knowledge to work in nearly any environment.

This led to a project management position at Integrated Designs Inc. where Shane learned how to assist owners and project teams to ensure project success through the implementation of the commissioning process. Working in a sustainable-minded company allowed Shane to learn about and implement many energy saving practices as well as several renewable energy technologies. It was here that Shane project managed and performed the commissioning of several large projects including: The Dube Center for Mental Health, Humboldt Hospital, Credit Union Center (recommissioning), and several LEED projects including Meadow Lake Provincial Court House, Red Deer RCMP detachment and the Moose Jaw Multiplex among several others. Shane’s experience has also reached into the industrial realm with the commissioning of the Raw Water pumping station for the City of Saskatoon as well as the SaskWater Buffalo Pound North Water Pumping Station for use by the new K+S Potash mine.

As an avid learner, Shane has been researching and learning about various renewable energy technologies and sustainability topics since 2006. In 2010 Shane was asked to present on sustainability and green house gas projects to the leaders of the National Métis Council on the environment.

While working for the Yukon Government, Shane project managed a demonstration project at a waste transfer station to educate the public about solar energy production combined with a super energy-efficient attendant shack. The project utilized a unique procurement method and was designed to demonstrate the paybacks of a grid-tied solar energy system, energy-efficiency, energy management and rain water collection. Shane also project managed a new Water Treatment Plant and worked to interconnect multiple remote Water Treatment Plants to a centralized SCADA system. The project intent was to improve water delivery and resiliency across the Yukon Territory in Canada.

While growing his consulting business, Shane wrote a book to bring the first stages of the commissioning process to people building homes. You can buy the book in multiple formats or get a free condensed pdf version of his book, “How to Future Proof Your Home: A Guide to Building with Energy Intelligence in Cold Climates” at the website . On the website you can learn more about “How to Future Proof Your Home” and connect with Shane regarding professional services.

Qualifications & Training

Shane is an avid learner who continually works to improve himself spiritually, professionally and in multiple areas of life. Shane engages in yoga, meditation and takes multiple training courses. Shane works with coaches and masterminds to improve himself and his business endeavors.

  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Electronic Systems Engineering, University of Regina,2003: Graduation Honors & Mentions: Co-Operative Education Program, Minor: Software Engineering, Computer Science

  • Certified Level One Thermographer Training by the Infrared Training Center, Saskatoon SK, May 2012

  • Certified Energy Auditor Training through the Association of Energy Engineers, Online, 2011

  • The Commissioning Process for New and Existing Buildings, University of Wisconsin College of Engineering, Department of Engineering Professional Development, April 2010

  • Certified as a LEED Accredited Professional in Building Design and Construction through the Canadian Green Building Council, 2009

  • Passive House Design Fundamentals course, Saskatoon SK, March 2014

  • Technical writing skills and excellent communication abilities both written and verbal for non-technical people. Author of a book for home owners that simplifies the principles of Passive House, LEED and the R 2000 building standard entitled, “How to Future Proof Your Home: A Guide to Building with Energy Intelligence in Cold Climates”

  • Public speaking and host of live online radio show/podcast “Future Proof Radio”

  • Various online trainings and personal/professional development related to business ownership, operation, marketing, platform development and growth

  • PIEVC Climate Change adaptation protocol training for engineers – Engineers Canada - Whitehorse, February 2017

  • Public Sector Procurement Training through NECI: PSPP 101, PSPP 202, PSPP 203 – Whitehorse, 2016

  • Honeywell New Hire Boot Camp Training, July 15 – Oct 10 2008: ASHRAE - Fundamentals of HVAC, ASHRAE - Fundamentals of Control Systems, Honeywell Safety Training Modules, EBI (Enterprise Buildings Integrator) Operators Course, Security Systems Intro, Fire Protection Systems Intro

  • Enerworks Solar Water Heating Installation Course, 2007

  • Member of APEGS (Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan) Environment and Sustainability Committee, May 2012 – January 2016

  • Six Thinking Hats Training, 2007

  • Personal development through attendance/online training at: Awesomeness Fest Puerto Vallarta 2014, Croatia 2015 (Mindvalley), Recode Live training (Bryan Franklin, Jennifer Russel, Kane Minkis), Guru Masterclass (Eben Pagan)

  • Multiple workshops and group training including: Problem Solving and Decision Making, Avoiding Construction Claims, Myers Briggs, Defensive Winter Driving, Water and Waste Water Best Practices, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Awards & Achievements

  • Host “Future Proof Radio”
  • As a project manager for the Yukon Government, Shane designed and project managed the largest solar installation to date in the Yukon along with a super energy efficient attendant shack. This project is in a high visibility area and will serve to educate the public about combining solar technology with energy efficiency.



Interviewed by CBC North, CTV Saskatoon, guest on “Lit Happens” and various radio interviews.


Upcoming Events

Coming Soon

Interests and Hobbies

Learning, Yoga, Meditation, Hiking, Biking, Out door adventures, Costume Parties, Fun with good people

Miscellaneous Information

My life as an entrepreneur has been full of ups and downs. I’ve grown so far beyond the person that I was when I started. It’s amazing to look back on who I used to be. I’ve met amazing people who are doing amazing things in the world, and my life is rich with experience. However….

I’ve also hit rock bottom and lost everything, including a former fiance to suicide while going through personal bankruptcy. I’ve had to deal with people trying to steal my intellectual property and everything I’ve worked for. People with well-paid lawyers, people who have multi-billion dollar companies supporting them. I’ve been thrown out on the street by a would-be business partner who I relocated to work with. I’ve had to start again at a job and build myself back up.

But you know what? I wouldn’t change it… unless I had more money of course :) … but even still, it’s been an amazing journey that I’m very grateful for. And you know what? It’s just getting started.

Shane Wolffe is an engineer with a passion for sustainability. While working as a programmer in the Reinsurance industry, Shane realized that climate change is the biggest issue facing the economy, the environment and the future of mankind. This awakening prompted him to dedicate his career to "Future Proofing" society for the benefit of future generations.

Shane's presentations focus on climate change/environmental awareness and solutions. Shane enjoys "waking people up" using simple analogizes and explaining why things are the way they are while demonstrating the options that can make life better for people both now and for future generations.

Shane has presented green house gas mitigation options to Canada's Métis National Council on the Environment as well as to the Saskatchewan Climate Hearings. Shane has presented to numerous groups regarding "Future Proofing" as well as regarding LEED, Passive House, Net Zero construction and other green building principles.


Available for

After Dinner, Charity Event, Corporate Event, Live Seminar / Conference, Online /Digital Event, Other, Radio Host
, Speaking Events, Ted Talk, TV Host,


  • “How and Why to Future Proof Your Home”
  • “Sustainability and Green House Gas Reduction Projects for the Métis Nation”
  • “Passive House, Net Zero, LEED, and Living Building Challenge Overview”


Specialist Topics

Future Proofing, Green Building, Sustainability

Recent Gigs & Credits

  • Yukon Housing Corporation Contractors Breakfast series – Whitehorse YT – “Passive House, Net Zero, LEED, and Living Building Challenge Overview” – 1 hour
  • Yukon Housing Corporation Contractors Breakfast series – Whitehorse YT – “How Future Proofing Homes can help your business” 1.25 hours
  • Contractor Promotion Open House – Whitehorse YT – “How and Why to Future Proof Your Home” 45 min
  • Friends of the Park – Charity fundraiser – Waskesiu, SK – “How to Future Proof Your Home” – 20 min
  • Saskatoon Real Estate Investors Networking Night – “Saskatchewan is one of the harshest climates in the world. Is your home built for our climate? Learn how to Future Proof Your Home” 1 hour
  • Vendasta Free Flow Fridays – Saskatoon SK – “How to Future Proof Your Home” – 15 min
  • Office of the Treaty Commissioner – Saskatoon SK – “How Future Proofing can improve First Nation Housing” – 30 min
  • Saskatchewan Climate Hearings – Saskatoon SK – “How to Future Proof Your Home to Fight Climate Change”

Speaking Experience

As an entrepreneur working to build an online platform to help “Future Proofers” (green building practitioners) reach more people, Shane has given presentations of various lengths to multiple audience types. Shane’s main focus has been to help people understand how we are all dependent on a system that is damaging our planet and contributing to climate change while demonstrating solutions that are possible now and in the near future.

Shane wants people to understand the science and underlying reasons that green construction can help make people healthier and safer while saving money and helping the environment. By empowering people to understand that the existing system, regulations and human nature have created our dependence on unsustainable energy, Shane helps people see that often the most practical way for them to make a difference is to act in an area that they have direct influence, namely their home.

Shane’s entrepreneurial journey has stretched, strengthened and purified him in ways he could not have imagined. His struggles to change “the system” have given him first hand experience, showing him what he’s made of while helping him appreciate and understand the very thing he wishes to change. Shane’s endeavors have taken him through personal bankruptcy while coping with the suicide of a former fiance. Shane has also faced his demons while being swindled by business associates and while legally battling for his intellectual property with a very well-funded copy cat.

While these life experiences are not typically part of Shane’s current presentations, they have enriched him and given him compassion for those who don’t see the world in the same way. While life hasn’t always been easy for Shane, he is grateful for these cleansing experiences as they have uncovered essential attributes of himself that will allow him to make a true impact.


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