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Jessica Boston, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach
Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Down-to-Earth Ascension Guide

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Keywords: Inspirational Author & Channel, Self-Empowerment Guide, Energy Intuitive

Industry sector: Coaching & Training, Teaching

Location: United States

A multi-faceted spiritual healer, Robin Leigh Vella teaches people how to manifest miracles through the power of unconditional love.

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Angels,  Channeling,  Consciousness,  Divination,  Dreams and Dream interpretation,  Energy,  Intuition,  Life Balance,  Meditation and Visualisation,  Metaphysics,  Mind, Body, Spirit,  Motivation / Inspiration,  Personal Development,  Positive Thinking,  Psychic and Divination,  Spiritual Healing,  Spirituality

Industry Sector

Coaching & Training,  Teaching

Passions & Purpose

As a survivor of peer abuse that lasted for over a decade, I learned the meaning of self-empowerment the hard way. My soul purpose is to light the way for others in all the ways that are available to me. As an inspirational author, inter-dimensional channel, energy intuitive and down-to-earth ascension guide, I show people how to heal and transform their lives through the power of unconditional love.

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A spiritual healer in many respects, Robin Leigh Vella helps people to expand their awareness by showing them how to celebrate their inner power. As an inspirational author, inter-dimensional channel, energy intuitive and down-to earth ascension guide, she shares her inner gifts with others to assist them in healing and transforming their lives. In 1992, Robin stepped onto the spiritual path as a psychic, but it wasn’t long before she was guided in a new direction. After receiving a series of powerful messages from the universe, Robin decided to create a healing practice centered on personal transformation. During the next twelve years, her Guides helped her to write her first book, Silent Voices of the Soul, based on the same theme. Her new book, Spirit Unbound, is about making light of life’s most challenging moments. More than timeless wisdom for the now, it gives you the power to change your perception of reality. Robin, a resident of Rochester, NY, enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, being creative, and dancing to anything with a good beat. In love with life, she is an open-hearted adventurist who believes in miracles.

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Qualifications & Training

Robin is a gifted, natural born, intuitive spiritual healer. While she earned a communications degree, her metaphysical skills came gradually after recovering from temporary spiritual amnesia. Robin is a twice-published, inspirational author, clear conscious channel, energy-intuitive and self-empowerment teacher as well as an everyday ascension guide. She has been conducting healing sessions in her own private practice for over two decades.

Awards & Achievements

My greatest achievement: Self-Acceptance.



Dialogue with Divinity
Conscious Talk Radio
The Bob Gregoire Show
Innerspeak Now


In addition, I have written inspirational stories and self-help articles for metaphysical magazines.


Balance Magazine: “Making Light of Fear”

The Questor: Book excerpt from “Silent Voices of the Soul”



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Interests and Hobbies

Robin loves being creative. She writes metaphysical/self-help articles, inspirational books and heart-centered songs. She channels. She sings. She dances. She bakes. She knits…. She enjoys being in nature and has a very strong affinity for trees.

Miscellaneous Information

For the past seven years I have made guest appearances on numerous spiritual/metaphysical radio shows. The live shows were anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours long. My interviews were centered on my first book, "Silent Voices of the Soul". I also hosted my own show on Blogtalk radio, where I interviewed spiritual authors and gifted metaphysicians.
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Speaking Experience

I have been on both ends of the radio interview. As an interviewer I asked insightful, open-ended questions that not only allowed my guests to showcase their area of expertise, but also invited their personalities to shine. As a guest, I enjoyed telling stories that exemplified the metaphysical concepts in my books. I also loved answering questions from the listeners.


Other Information

I am a twice-published inspirational/ metaphysical author. My first book is titled "Silent Voices of the Soul". The title of my new book is "Spirit Unbound".
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Specialist Topics

My writing reflects my not only my passion for spiritual awareness, but also my heartfelt desire to help people to heal and transform their lives. I channel timeless spiritual insights that light the way to everyday ascension. I also write inspirational stories, along with articles that offer practical spiritual guidance.

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Writing Experience

“Silent Voices of the Soul”, my first book, is a guide to self-empowerment through spiritual awareness. Simply written and relatable, this book is full of channeled insights and personal stories that light the way to personal transformation. Enlightenment can happen anywhere. Spiritual messages are everywhere. There is no need to travel to India, meditate in an ashram, and wait for an epiphany. A revelation can find you while you are cleaning out the refrigerator. Spirit is always telling you the truth; “Silent Voices of the Soul” shows you how to recognize the whisper.  (O-Books)

My second book, “Spirit Unbound” is designed to help people rise above life’s everyday challenges. A guide to everyday ascension, it lifts you into the light of infinite possibilities. More than timeless wisdom for the now; it gives you the power to change your perception of reality. (Balboa Press/ A Division of Hay House)

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A spiritual healer in many respects, I offer my clients timeless wisdom and practical spiritual guidance to assist them in healing and transforming their lives.
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A multi-faceted spiritual healer, I use all of my inner gifts to assist my clients in re-creating their lives . As an inter-dimensional channel, I offer them timeless wisdom to help them understand their personal challenges from a spiritual perspective. As a self-empowerment coach, I give them vibration-raising tools to help them move to a higher place. As an energy-intuitive, I tune in to their vibrations to find and correct the thoughts that are creating unwanted things. And, as an ascension guide, I light the way to oneness consciousness through the power of unconditional love.

Coach & Facilitator Experience

For nearly twenty five years I have had my own private healing practice. I started off as a psychic but soon expanded my business because the universe had guided me to give people more than psychic guidance. Self-empowerment was my new direction; I needed to teach others how to take themselves wherever they desired to go. Helping people to heal their hearts and their minds led me to expand my practice. I now show people how to manifest manifest everyday miracles through miracle of their own inner power.

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Qualifications & Awards


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I have written and published two inspirational guidebooks centered on spiritual awareness: “Silent Voices of the Soul” and “Spirit Unbound”.

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“Silent Voices of the Soul” is a self-empowerment guide that not only lights the way to spiritual transformation, but also teaches you how to recognize the spiritual messages in everyday life. Excerpts from my own spiritual journey accompany channeled insights from my Guides. Easy-to-read and relatable, it brings metaphysical concepts down to earth and into the real world.

“Spirit Unbound” is a collection of 422 ascension-related messages that are layered with personal and universal meaning. Written from the standpoint of unconditional love, this book is more than timeless wisdom for the now; it gives you the power to change your perception of reality.

Self-acceptance empowered me to heal and transform my life. Changing my perception of myself changed everything.

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Peer Abuse Survivor

Healing myself from years of abuse gave me the power to light the way for others.


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