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Jessica Boston, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach
Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Monica Millares


Coach & Entrepreneur / Reinventing Banking: Building a new digital bank / Vlogger / Coaching the Bold / Mentoring the young

Unique ID: moni-millares

Keywords: Business, Career & Passion Project Design, Self love & Life purpose, Dating & Relationships

Industry sector: Coaching & Training, Customer Service, Digital, Finance, Management Consultancy, Marketing

Location: United Kingdom

Hello! I’m Moni Millares and I’m in a life mission to spread love, joy, peace and abundance in the world by helping people develop their potential and create the lives they are capable of and have always dreamed about; to help people expand their imagination so that more of us live bigger and bolder lives, and that by achieving our dreams, together we create a better world :)


I’m an entrepreneur, coach, vlogger and blogger and I’m open to opportunities for collaboration, speaking engagements, guest blogs & vlogs posts, podcasts and any other cool activities you may have


Thanks for reading and sending you much love!



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Business / Management,  Business and Finance,  Entrepreneurs,  Mind, Body, Spirit,  Personal Development,  Science, Technology and Futurists,  Sex, Love and Relationships,  Smart Thinking

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Coaching & Training,  Customer Service,  Digital,  Finance,  Management Consultancy,  Marketing

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My coaching is action and mindset oriented with a twist of fun, inspiring and positive vibes so that people can get the results that they want while enjoying the process. We create who they want to become, their vision, next steps and projects, and set structure to those projects so that they can start creating the life they truly want Now and not in 20 years time.

I work with people who’ve had a successful career so far – like the bankers, consultants & lawyers of this world - who are ready for the next challenge and ready to create something more meaningful and fun – this usually means sort of reinventing themselves and creating new projects
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Corporate Coaching, Other, Private Coaching, Retreat, Schools/Education, Workshop,

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I’m passionate about the human spirit and mind And love what I do – working in a startup building a new digital Bank. I adapt my mentoring or coaching to you, what you need and want – my style is creative, results oriented and fun

My areas of expertise are: Business, Career & Passion Project Design; Self love & Life purpose; Dating & Relationships

And usually this is my approach:

First we work on who you want to be: The foundation and most important piece of the puzzle

  • We strengthen your mindset & confidence and create strategies to identify and mangage any fears, anxiety and disempowering beliefs
  • We create your life vision, where you want to go & who you want to be in the journey
  • We explore your values, challenge them, and you decide if you want to make any changes

Then we pick out the right direction for you: Bring the vision to life and set the right goals for you ​

  • We explore your passions, strengths and interests and brainstorm on what is it that you want to do next
  • You decide which direction you want to go and create a few alternatives to explore, and when ready, to commit to
  • We bring structure and legs to your projects, identify goals and key milestones in the journey

Finally we ensure you take the right actions: The magic bullet! Action coupled with accountability

  • We create action plans and an accountability system that works for you in order to get you moving and ensure you keep moving
  • You go home with clear next steps, do the doing, and report back; no worries, we adapt to your busy life
  • We focus on time management, habit building, your body temple, financials and tools that help you bring to life what you’ve envisioned

Coach & Facilitator Experience

I started my coaching carreer by working for 3 to 4 years with Matthew Hussey (New York Times Best Seller) at and loved it so much that I decided to branch out; so have been coaching for over 6 years now.  I mainly work with women who are looking for a change and are either creating their passion project or business or looking for the next opportunity; and of course I also specialize in dating coaching. What I love the most is the reinvention process people go through


In addition to coaching I’ve got over 12 years experience in Financial Services in Corporate. I left Corporate to join a startup and now working with a group of entrepreneurs and we are building a new digital bank. My expertise is business design end to end, Product development, Customer Development and Customer Experience. So I also bring this expertise to the table and help people design and build their businesses and passion projects – end to end.


I also write for The Huffington Post and Medium, and host my vlog – Moni Millares TV

Recent gigs & credits

Qualifications & Awards

  • Mathew Hussey Coach and Member of Staff, London
  • Tony Robbins Life Mastery Academy, London / Miami / Tenerife
  • The Coaching School, London
  • Awesomeness Fest, Bali, Thailand
  • 1 Year Bob Proctor Coaching Programme, Online



Monica is a brilliant and energetic coach”

 “In our work together over the past year, she has helped me to reconnect with my inner most values and held the space for me to explore and recreate myself.

This has resulted in taking on new challenges, such as starting my own business and making the time to focus on my MSc. Monica’s energy is without a doubt contagious! Alongside coaching me to tangible outcomes, Monica brings an energy of hope and possibility which has helped me find the motivation I need to overcome my biggest challenges and make the changes toward a more fulfilling life!”

Nicole Brigandi

Organisation Development Specialist, London


“I am now ready to move on to a new, and exciting chapter!”

 “I just spent a day with Monica doing the 1 day Signature package. It was truly exceptional and has re-framed my perception of many things in my life that I have been feeling stuck around.

Her approach is to start from the bottom up, working on building the right foundations before beginning to introduce the idea of making any changes. Throughout the day you progress through a series of stages, setting in place building blocks based on this foundation of your ‘true self’, until you are ready to define the changes you want to make and to finally commit to taking action.


For anyone who has the desire to reconnect with their true self and to get going on the right path towards making positive changes in any aspect of their lives, I wholeheartedly recommend experiencing this session!”

Lisa Beecham

Entrepreneur, London


“I would recommend working with Monica to anyone and everyone!”

 “I decided to take a few sessions to ensure that my long-term goals don’t get lost in my everyday life of boring work/home dynamic. I was looking for a person who didn’t know me and who could provide tools to achieve my objectives. At the same time I didn’t want anyone to tell me what to do. Quite a challenge, actually, but Monica did it brilliantly.

I left feeling clearer on my short-mid-long-term goals and now know exactly what to do to get there. I don’t try to find excuses anymore. I have already recommended Monica to a few of my friends and I really do hope they take my advice to speak to her and find out more.”

Alexandra Ashikhmina

Project manager


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I am open to opportunities for collaboration, speaking engagements, guest blogs, guest vlogs and podcasts

Thanks for reading and sending you much love!


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Education, Career / work, Money / finances, Health, Friends & Family, Love / relationships, Social life, Death / Tragedy, Spirituality, Life Purpose, Nutrition, Other
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I deeply believe in the power of dreams and that we are capable of creating the lives we truly want

 For me it all started in my early twenties when my big dream was to study abroad, I really wanted to live the international student life. I’m originally from Mexico and since I was a little girl I was good at school so it was super exciting when I heard the news that I was accepted into The London School of Economics in the UK. The challenge was getting the money; however, my dream and passion pulled me and somehow between my savings and a big loan I managed to get enough to make it happen. So I did, and in 2008 I moved to London to study my Masters.


Yes I was amazing in academics, but I didn’t really have the confidence and self belief in other areas of my life. And then the inevitable happened… I was living the London dream, graduated with Distinction, had an amazing job in Financial Services, was travelling all over the world… yet I was so unhappy! I’d hit what I call the dreadful Quarter of a Life Crisis! Yes I was “successful” but I didn’t like my job, didn’t have friends, it was cold and rainy, and I didn’t have a man in my life! Aaah!! I reached a very low point where I felt very lonely and anxiety would take over, and I would cry all the time, and I didn’t even know why! It was so frustrating but at the same time this experience changed my life


I started reading tons, listening to podcasts and going to seminars. And I met Matt. Matthew Hussey’s company is “Get The Guy” and when I went to his seminar I thought “OMG have I reached so low that I need help from a young guy to talk, meet and date guys? This is soo bad!” but actually I learnt so much about myself, self love, confidence, the power of knowing what I want, and actually ended up working with Matt for about 3 years time. I went on and studied with some of the biggest names in the personal development industry and eventually I branched out.


Little by little, I came back to rediscovering and reinventing myself and what I wanted in life. I promised myself to be unreasonable and be who I want, do what I want, and create the life that I want. And that’s how I try to live my life. I love experimenting with my mind, testing the tools and techniques I learn, and pushing myself to see what else I can do.


Not that long ago I used to work in Corporate in a big bank, but in early 2015 I took a leap of faith and followed my heart one more time – I left Corporate for a startup with a big vision that totally resonated with my heart – so I went from working in a bank, to building a new digital bank! It’s super exciting and one of the best and most challenging jobs I’ve ever had.


I’m the happiest, most peaceful and fulfilled ever! I love trying new experiences, reading, going to seminars, yoga, meditation, good food, a great brunch and travelling. I am also a big dreamer striving to change the world one dream at a time. As for my passion, as you can see, I’ve created this site. My aim is to help millions to truly live the life that they want!

Much love!


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Hello! Get in touch to send questions you'd like to see answered in the Vlog, to talk about mentoring or collaboration opportunities, or to get a complementary coaching session You can reach me through this site or any of my social media accounts, Much love, Moni  

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