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Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Michael Sargent


Photographer / Be Legendary

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Keywords: Photographer, Headshots, Portraits

Industry sector: Arts & Heritage, Coaching & Training, Creative, Digital, Media

Location: United States

Frame taker, Moment Maker. I connect with people so they feel comfortable in front of a camera, then I show them who they are. I know I have done my job when they walk out saying, I cant believe that’s me.


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Art,  Arts and Heritage,  Coaching and Training,  Digital,  Media,  Motivational Speakers,  Nature,  Photographers,  Photography,  Positive Thinking,  Presentation Skills,  Social Media,  Training

Industry Sector

Arts & Heritage,  Coaching & Training,  Creative,  Digital,  Media

Passions & Purpose

In this day and age, everyone is a photographer and they all tell you that they are passionate about it. Well I am not going to do that. Why you ask, cause I want you in front of my lens so you can see how much effort I put forth to give you the very best of what I have. Any one can tell you they love something, I will show you.

Passion without skill equals shit. Skills without passion equals uninspired shit.

Long Biography

Michael started his career in photography in 1984. He had early success as an 18 year old kid and received his first photo assignment from now known Getty Images. His primary focus in those early days was Landscape and Journalistic photography coverage. As digital became a force in the industry Michael Stepped away from photography to pursue a family, Having a wife and 3 kids, Michael worked in the auto industry for many years until the fallout of the auto industry. He then picked up a camera again and applied what he knew from film photography to the new digital medium. Michael took some classmes to catch him up with the technology of digital camera’s and away he went. He has had two images picked and published by National Geographic and has had wildlife photos published in various magazines. On a local scale he is sought after as a wedding photographer for his unique style and approach to humanizing the events that take place at weddings. He often gets credits that state “he captures moments”. In addition he is starting to become well know for his sports portraits and headshot photography. When asked about his passion, he will tell you step in front of my lens and let me show you. he is quoted as saying “I hate that term, Oh look at me. I ‘m a passionate photographer.” “Bullshit, Passion without skill is crap, and skill without passion is uninspired crap”  Mike simply feels that the motivation in photography is simple, connect with your subject, put them at ease, and create a frame, a moment, that leaves them floored. That is inspirational, and the feeling you create, is what motivates you to be passionate about what you do. It’s  about people, and inspiring people.

Mike, coaches other photographers learning the art, and on occasion he speaks to groups about techniques, as well as his experiences in photography. Contact him today, to learn more about what he can do for you,


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Sometimes I will capture a frame that inspires people, and often times they want to know the details and what inspired the capture.

I also have stories about people that I photograph. Those stories have inspired, brought tears to my eyes, and motivated me to join a cause.

Then sometimes people are just curious about who I am and what I do.
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The art of composition

Learn the rules, then break them

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As photography exploded and everyone owns a camera, they often times venture in the world of capturing images for income.

The problem with this, not to many people take the time to master the camera. Some people have a great eye for composition but full auto just does not get it done. Locals reach out to me and ask how.
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Through my knowledge in camera settings I am able to photograph in any lighting situation. I also know a thing or two about strobe lighting.

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I have taken many people, and taught them the relationship between aperture and shutter speeds so they begin to understand how a camera see’s light. Once on that path they can quickly learn how to shoot in different lighting situations.

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