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Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Michael Russ


Zero Adversity Facilitator

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Keywords: Eliminate Thought Viruses, Supercharge Your Self-Talk, Transform Adversity & Your Life

Industry sector: Administration, Apprenticeships, Coaching & Training, Creative, Customer Service, Education, Health & Fitness, Hospitality, Human R esources, Management Consultancy, Media, Other, Recruitment Sales, Retail, Sales, Sport, Travel

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Administration,  Apprenticeships,  Coaching & Training,  Creative,  Customer Service,  Education,  Health & Fitness,  Hospitality,  Human R esources,  Management Consultancy,  Media,  Other,  Recruitment Sales,  Retail,  Sales,  Sport,  Travel

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Michael J. Russ was featured in, Voices From the Outside, a documentary which highlights the transformation children in the autistic spectrum experience when exposed to the Brooklyn Junior Autistic Golf Academy (BJAGA) in Brooklyn, NY.

Michael has also been a guest on numerous TV News shows in Las Vegas (Nevada), Sacramento (California), Tallahassee (Florida), Cape Coral (Florida), Jacksonville (Florida), and Panama City Beach (Florida) discussing his various products and books from his businesses.

He has also been a guest on the Dr. Levi Harrison Show on youtube, which is produced in Hollywood, California.

Michael has personally produced video content for his youtube Beyond the 3D/Powerful Living Network channel on youtube.


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Michael’s specific topics were cultivated during his 45 years in professional commissioned sales and entrepreneurship and include:

  • Turning your self-talk into a dynamic powerhouse that propels you to success. A process that transforms self-talk because it takes it from to the background to the foreground where it can be actively directed to help you in an infinite number of ways.
  • The practice of Zero Adversity, a proprietary framework he developed as a result of the adverse events he experienced during his sales and entrepreneurial career. It’s living framework is transformational in that it empowers you to perceive and respond to any crisis, unfortunate event, or challenge with confidence, clarity, and control. The end result is a saving of time, energy, and attitude.

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Except for my international bestselling book, Zero Adversity: 3 Practical Steps to Freedom, Fulfillment, and Creating an Authentic Life, my body of work is produced in the form of audio books. I have done this for two reasons

First, the power of my message is best conveyed through my voice. And second, listening has become a more productive way of gaining enlighten t for millions of people.

What my books have in common is they get to the point and convey tangible processes you can use to completely transform your life experience with little effort, other than remembering you can use them.

the topics I Cover include:

  • A process you can use to harnessing the full potential of your inner conversation (self-talk).
  • Using the mental game of golf to play a better game (concepts that can be applied in any sport or competition).
  • Tangible applications for successfully transitioning from college into the real world and beyond.
  • A framework you can apply to unfortunate events and challenges which alleviate the experience of adversity.

These topics are universal in that they can be applied to any situation or circumstance to impact your life in a profoundly transformational way.

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Powerful Golf: Lower Your Score By Changing the Way You Think–Audio only–This audiobook shows you how to apply life principles, such as choice and responsibility, to play a more enjoyable and lower scoring game of golf. The concepts presented can also be applied to any sport or competition.  This book scored an 8.75 out of 10 after being reviewed by 175 amateur golfers.

Powerful Self-Talk: Change Your Self-Talk, Change Your Life–audio only–This simple, yet practical audiobook has been enjoyed by thousands and is a primer for anyone looking to become aware of their self-talk and how it impacts their life.

Design Your Life: Using Self-Talk to Create Your Life One Day at a Time–audio only–This audiobook is the follow-up to Powerful Self-Talk and is the first to reveal the steps Michael has been used for over 30 years to continually discover, defy, and design self-talk which fully supports his goals, intentions, and dreams. It also includes examples of how to design self-talk for specific situations and circumstances, like bullying and seeking to lose weight.

Powerful Sales: Manage Your Energy, Achieve Your Goals–audio only–This two-CD set lays out the principles presented in Powerful Golf for someone in the sales profession.





















Your inner conversation is a driving force in your life. When I first realized the way my self-talk affected the way I felt and the way I performed, I set out to make for me, instead of against me. This was a choice that came naturally for me, as I am a person who seeks perfection if even it is fleeting.

When I encounter people who have listened to my audio books on the topic of self-talk and eliminating adversity for good, they say having an awareness of their inner conversation has had a huge impact on their life and success. This is my goal: to assist people in understanding what this conversation is and how they can begin to harness it to help them in every way. Self-talk is not going away, so why not turn it into your greatest personal asset, instead of something that sabotages your goals and intentions.

In my audio books and keynotes, I enlighten attendees about how they can make their self-talk more purposeful and intentional in nature and reveal how they can actively apply it to help them with situations like bullying, weight loss, prosperity, achieving goals, cultivating healthy relationships, and loss.

Understanding the nuances of self-talk is also one of the best management tools you can have because, within the context of a team, there is “I” self-talk that individuals put forth, and “we” self-talk that makes the team a more cohesive unit, working towards one overriding goal. Making this distinction is crucial to anticipating and eliminating future problems with productivity and achieving goals.

Self-talk and the thought viruses they support are pervasive in our society. The more cultivate greater control over our inner conversation and recognize and eliminate thought viruses, the more happy and successful we will be.

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I suffered from a thought virus and didn’t even know it. 

A thought virus is best described as a negative thought or belief you are exposed to and adopt as your own. Thought viruses influence our perceptions and responses to events in every aspect of your life. The pesky little virus sabotaging my success was, you can’t really succeed in life without a college degree. I have my wonderful loving mother to thank for exposing me to this one after dropping out of college to start a business. 

I came face to face with how debilitating a thought virus can be at the age of 27, as I was pursuing a challenging career in the financial sector. My colleagues had BA’s, MA’ s and Ph.D.’s and I found my self-confidence lacking because I believed I was not smart enough to succeed without a degree. 

As with any thought virus, becoming aware of it was the key to eliminating its hold over me when I began to focus on my strengths, instead of my weaknesses. I had seen a good part of the world before I was 15, amassed amazing relational skills, and accumulated business experience after college that I could apply to help me achieve my goals. Since then, I have enjoyed 33 years of success in the field.

Self-talk reinforced what I believed to be true about me and what I was doing

If you think something is going to be hard, it will be. If you think or say you can do something, you are more likely to succeed. Self-talk is my greatest life revelation. Without dissecting my inner conversation into bite-sized pieces, to efficiently manage and direct, I would not be the person I am today.

The affirmation I can do this has immense power. I have used these four words every day for over 30 years to build and reinforce my self-confidence and ignite my ability to help others get what they wanted, so I would intern get what I wanted. Uncontrollable events are a natural aspect of life. What I discovered is self-talk can make them even worse, by compounding the feelings and emotions the arise from what has happened. Learning to continually assess and manage my self-talk has me remain fulfilled and passionate about my every area of my personal and professional life.

Thought viruses are reinforced and perpetuated by your inner conversations or self-talk. The realization of my virus led me to develop a practical step by step method I could apply to harness the innate potential of my self-talk. The method is documented in my audio book, Design Your Life: Using Self-Talk to Create Your Life One Day at a Time and is a key element I share in my keynotes, coaching, and training.


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