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Mark Pooler


Building Brilliance Out of Adversity

Unique ID: markstephenpooler

Keywords: Speaker , Motivational Coach, Hairdresser

Industry sector: Coaching & Training

Location: United Kingdom

Have you ever wondered how some people have gone from a life of misery and pain, to becoming a beacon of light for others?


Meet Mark Pooler, an ordinary guy with an extraordinary story.


From abuse, bullying and a life filled with darkness, to bouncing back from death, Mark uses his story, his multiple experiences, wit and charm to help others overcome adversity, their lack of confidence and their lack of self-belief.


Mark’s motto is simple: “I want to help professionals build brilliance out of their adversity”.


As a freelance hairstylist Mark has been in the hairdressing industry for over 19 years and has been lucky enough to have worked with the top leading names within the hairdressing industry. He’s always been artistic and as a youngster. He got into singing, drama and dancing from a young age and he even got to championship level within his dancing. In addition to this he has done lots of theatre and TV extras.


For the last couple of years Mark has been embarking on a whole new journey as a Public Speaker and Blogger. He’s on a hell-bent journey to help others with their own personal development journey through his love of sharing his own personal story. He wants to show the world that no matter what background you come from, what hardships have come your way that you really can succeed in life.


In short, Mark enjoys inspiring change in others through sharing how he has overcome hardship and adversity to find a life of fun, success, abundance and one that is now filled with immense amounts of purpose. He really is that guy who hit rock bottom and who slowly built himself back up again to find internal and external happiness.


If you’re looking for a fun, authentic speaker who comes alive the moment they step on stage, then Mark is your guy.

Expertise & Speciality

Coaching and Training,  Entrepreneurs,  Entrepreneurship Ethics,  Goal Setting,  Life Balance,  Life Hacking,  Life Skills,  Marketing,  Personal Development,  Smart Thinking

Industry Sector

Coaching & Training

Passions & Purpose

Mark is a law of attraction addict. Having seen firsthand how your perception is a mirror image of your projection to the world, he is now on a mission to help others realise the importance and effect of changing your inner compass.


To say that Mark loves speaking from stage is a complete understatement. Given the opportunity to share his message and his story about turning something that was seemingly bad in to something wonderful is a huge passion for him.


Having felt desperate and helpless himself in his younger years, Mark now thrives when afforded the opportunity to connected with an audience of professionals to be able to spread love, hope and his life lessons with the world around him.

Recent gigs & credits

BBC radio 96.5 FM – Sharing my story on bullying and addiction.

Long Biography

Mark’s story has a very sad beginning, although being the type of person he is, Mark has embarked on a journey to start writing his own ending.


Like most, Mark was bullied quite badly since attending primary school. Like most kids, Mark got the usual derogatory comments, however the abuse he received also included remarks made towards his sexual orientation. At this point Mark didn’t even know he was gay, so of course this experience more than effected Mark’s level of self esteem, self acceptance, self love, self confidence and later fuelled his need for external acceptance from a very early age.


Some of the comments the bullies made were quite specific to Mark and included remarks towards the way he looked. References were made towards his chin and ears in particular. The impact of these comments Affected Mark’s confidence so much, that in order to find peace with his looks, Mark went on to have plastic surgery at the point at which he reached secondary school as bullying still continued up until the age of 15.


The list of surgeries included chin reduction, ears pinned, hair transplant, braces to straighten out his teeth and botox.


The cosmetic surgery has meant that the wounds of this episode have gone having been masked by the multiple surgeries, but the scars are still very much there. That said, these surgeries have meant that Mark can now achieve higher levels of self acceptance over the way he looks compared to when he was a child, which has in turn lead to him creating the foundation from which to work on in terms of increasing his levels of confidence.


The bullying was so unbearable, that Mark took the decision to leave school at age 15 because the bullying had got to a point whereby it was now becoming unbearable. At the same time Mark also came out as gay which only added fuel the fire for these bullies, creating created yet another reason to remove himself from this torturous situation.


Leaving school at 15 meant that his studies became compromised as a result and walked away with GCSE marks that were quite frankly embarrassing.


At age 16 Mark found hairdressing, which has gone on to become a huge passion for him. Finding hairdressing, has paved the way to him achieving phenomenal social skills and increasing levels of self-confidence as a result.


That said, Mark had already started drug taking at age 15 and illegally going to nightclubs due to a lack of direction after he left school. At this time, he had a lack of ambition, no sense of self, high levels of self-loathing and personal circumstances which lead to huge amounts of trauma and upset.


Given the years of bullying, coupled with the now painful personal circumstances, Mark started on a slippery slope of self-abuse as a way to separate himself from his feelings and his circumstances. This began with soft drugs (cannabis, speed, ecstasy) which went on for a good 10 years. This lead to him being addicted to crack cocaine and heroin in his late teens to his early twenties.


After this episode, he did give up crack and heroin and it was then a slower journey to come off the softer drugs.


That said, Mark has now been clean and free from the drug scene since the age of 27.


Despite the substance abuse, Mark still maintained employment at top leading salons, a true testament to his commitment and dedication to his love of hairdressing.


In 2013, Mark then went on to set up his own freelance hairdressing business and this then paved the way to the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey.


In 2014 mark then got involved in network marketing. Despite doing well within the MLM business for approximately 2 years, this didn’t quite resonate or provide the sense of satisfaction he had hoped for and as a result Mark decided to quite pursuing this line of work.


During his time in the MLM business he was able to witness many motivational speakers and this is what gave rise to his deep-rooted desire to speak from stage and motivate others through telling his stories and sharing his experiences, in the hope that he too can make a difference one day to someone sitting in the audience.

Qualifications & Training

  • Sales and speaking coaching via Phil M Jones .

  • On committee at PSA

  • PSA member

  • NVQ level 2 Hairdressing

  • NVQ level 2 Customer Service.

Awards & Achievements

  • Interviewed on BBC radio
  • Committee member at the PSA
  • Freelance hairstyling business


BBC Radio

Upcoming Events

Coming Soon

Interests and Hobbies

  • Law of attraction
  • Quantum physics
  • The psychic world
  • Speaking from stage
  • Singing
  • Walking
  • My dog

Miscellaneous Information


One thing you’ll come to understand about Mark, is that he just loves to speak. He’s a natural born talker. Mark’s ability to inspire, motivate and captivate an audience is infectious at best.

With a big heart, boundless energy, a passion for sharing, Mark is on a mission to let the world know that you really can make something of yourself no matter where you’ve come from. “If I can do it, then so can you”.

Mark has been involved in his own personal development for the last 5 years which has seen him go from low self-esteem, lack of confidence, low self-belief and lacking direction, to confident, full of purpose and drive, a desire to follow his dreams and the belief that dreams really can come true.

Mark is available for international speaking gigs by prior appointment only. Please get in touch to find out his current availability.
Available for

After Dinner, Charity Event, Corporate Event, Live Seminar / Conference, Online /Digital Event, Radio Host
, Speaking Events,


  • Bouncing forward not bouncing back, building brilliance out of adversity

Specialist Topics

  • How to overcome a lack of confidence and self-esteem
  • Drug addiction – the path back to recovery
  • Self-esteem – how to find yours
  • The power of forgiveness – how finding forgiveness has unleashed my true happiness
  • Removing the mask – how the power of understanding who you are and revealing your true self to the world is the most liberating experience you will ever have
  • The ups and downs of riding the entrepreneurial rollercoaster. Discussing the highs and the lows and the lessons learned.

Recent Gigs & Credits

BBC radio

Speaking Experience

  • PSA member
  • Multiple sessions with and for the PSA
  • Spoken at small corporate events to help excite and motivate the crowd
  • Product launch host for health and wellness events
  • Spearheading small group mentoring and motivational coaching meetings


“You’ve got a real humility about you. Only 5% of people do what you are doing and you’re doing it” – Kul mahay

“Mark is both trustworthy and a perfectionist” – Michelle Mills Porter

Other Information


Mark is an active social media blogger, passionate about sharing his story to inspire and uplift others.  
Available for

Blogger, Magazine Columnist, Web Content,

Specialist Topics

  • Bullying
  • Self esteem
  • The power of taking action

Recent credits

  • Social Media Blogger

Writing Experience

Social media blogger on motivation and overcoming adversity.

Qualifications & Awards

  • Sales and speaking coaching via Phil M Jones .
  • On committee at PSA
  • PSA member
  • NVQ level 2 Hairdressing
  • NVQ level 2 Customer Service.


Coming Soon

Other Information


As someone who has had to figure out their own path to bouncing back from bullying, drug taking and hardships, Mark is able to utilise his own knowledge, skills and experiences to support the development of others who have or who are going through similar situations.

Mark’s kind, caring and compassionate nature makes him an ideal coach for those who need real love and support to finding their brilliance as opposed to the tough love approach.

Available for

Corporate Coaching, Private Coaching, Retreat, Schools/Education, Workshop,

Specialist Topics & Skills

  • Self-belief
  • How to set up a personal brand
  • Sharing my personal experiences by way of educating and supporting others towards achieving their own levels of brilliance
  • Network marketing
  • How to overcome adversity
  • How to get past a dramatic change in your personal circumstances
  • How to deal with changes in employment

Coach & Facilitator Experience

  • Telephone based coaching
  • Spearheading small group mentoring and motivational coaching meetings

Recent gigs & credits

  • Personal coaching clients

Qualifications & Awards

  • Sales and speaking coaching via Phil M Jones .
  • On committee at PSA
  • PSA member
  • NVQ level 2 Hairdressing
  • NVQ level 2 Customer Service.


Coming Soon

Other Information


Mark is a confident talent in front of the camera.


Having been involved in performing from a very young age, as well as being a TV extra on numerous occasions, he is no shrinking violet when it comes to being in the spotlight.


Mark  currently uses social media to inspire others so that that they can create brilliance out of adversity. He is actively seeking new opportunities to share his message of hope and success.

Available For

Expert for Screen, Online Video Content, Social Media, Talking Heads,

Specialist Topics & Skills

  • Hairdressing
  • Network marketing
  • Start Up / Business
  • Bully / Addiction – My Personal Story


Good Questions to ask Mark

  • What advice do you have for someone being bullied?
  • What drugs were you addicted to?
  • How did you turn your life around ?

Recent gigs & credits

  • Social Media
  • Facebook Live
  • You Tube

On Screen Experience

Self-filming for YouTube and various Facebook Live interviews.


“I recently saw Mark on Facebook Live and his honesty and passion was magnetic” Claire Anstey

Other Information


My Products Include
Live Courses, Physical Products, Service Based Product
Product Details and Information

  • Key Note of my story – from bullying, to addiction, to experiencing death and then turning life around.
  • 1 to 1 coaching
  • Long distance coaching
  • 1 day workshop

As someone who has had to figure out their own path to bouncing back from bullying, drug taking and hardships, Mark is able to utilise his own knowledge, skills and experiences to support the development of others who have or who are going through similar situations.

Available for
Career / work, Money / finances, Friends & Family, Love / relationships, Death / Tragedy, Spirituality, Life Purpose
Story Details

Money / Finances independent

Comfortable. Own place. Car.


Love / Relationships



Physical Activity



Social Life

Mark is well known for being the Joker of the pack as he really enjoys having a good laugh.

From once being the shy kid at school, Mark now has an impressive sized circle of friends.

He also partakes in a psychic circle on a Monday night.


Death / Tragedy

Collapsed and died when his heart stopped from drug taking.



Mark is extremely spiritual, he loves crystals, law of attraction, meditation and believes in the power of the subconscious mind


Life Purpose

After being bullied and then collapsing and effectively dying from drug taking, Marks has a burning desire to do something good and make a positive difference to the lives of others through sharing his story.

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