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Jessica Boston, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach
Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Transformation Expert

Unique ID: magdalenemusic-relief-com

Keywords: Coach, Mentor, Inspirational speaker

Industry sector: Arts & Heritage, Coaching & Training, Creative, Education, Teaching

Location: United Kingdom


I am a transformation expert that have used my personal and traumatic experience and talent to turn my life around and now use it to coach and mentor and both women and youths. I am the CEO and Founder to a youth based organisation called Music Relief Foundation – where we use music as therapy workshops to unleash the creative spirits of young people, building confidence and self esteem. I am also the CEO of Magdalene Adenaike – coaching women who are struggling to find their purpose in life, coaching them to identify, connect or reconnect with their passion in life.

Expertise & Speciality

3-5,  5-8,  Administration,  After Dinner Speaker,  Arts and Music,  CEO’s,  Change Management,  Christian Spirituality,  Coaching and Training,  Communication Skills,  Corporate Culture,  Creative,  Creativity,  Divorce,  Divorce,  Education,  Emotional Intelligence,  Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness,  Employee Relations,  Entertainment,  Entrepreneurs,  Entrepreneurship Ethics,  Grief and Bereavement,  Inspirational Speakers,  Leadership,  Leadership,  Marriage,  Motivation / Inspiration,  Motivation and Teamwork,  Motivational Speakers,  Networking,  Overcoming Fear,  Positive Thinking,  Pregnancy,  Presenters,  Singers,  Singers,  Spoken Word,  Therapy / Counseling,  Writers,  Young Adults

Industry Sector

Arts & Heritage,  Coaching & Training,  Creative,  Education,  Teaching

Passions & Purpose

I love helping others find their purpose in life

I also love singing, speaking, socialising, going to the movies and resting with family.

Recent gigs & credits

Shine through your art – Public Speaking Training event for women only

Moving Forward Destiny is Calling – Guest Speaker

Barefoot Conversations – My online talkshow

Never Again Royal Night –  Singing the theme song – Never Again

Shiloh Women’s Network – Guest Speaker

ABN Radio – Invited guest on radio

Facebook and youtube constant live streamer


Long Biography

I work with women who are struggling to find their purpose in life to identify, connect or reconnect with their passion. So that they can live a fulfilled life to inspire and empower others. –

A transformation expert with over 5 years experience transforming and empowering lives, mentoring and coordinating workshops for young people to unleash their creative spirits. Coaching women to make the shift and require exit strategies to start their thing.

An innovator – CEO – Music Relief Foundation specializing in running experiential creative workshops. Using music as therapy to transform lives creatively and consistently.
CEO – Magdalene Adenaike Transformation Expert and Business Coach

An author – ‘From Shame to Strength. Music Saved Me’ – From Shame To Strength ttps:// and best selling co-author of Pain to Purpose Anthology.

‘Magdalene is one of the most powerful transformation speakers in the UK and is regularly praised for her ability to connect with and move audiences’.

1). Transforming lives through the process breaking through the barriers that are stopping you from creating and/or growing your business and your talents.
2). Qualified in business enterprise and I will empower your confidence and give you the tools to create and sustain your dreams.
3). One of the most powerful transformation speakers in the UK and is regularly praised for her ability to connect with and move audiences.
4). Organising corporate and group training for companies and groups looking to build confidence, master their mindset, improve teamwork and grow their business.

Presenter and producer of Deep Truths and Magdalene TV

Multiple award winning entrepreneur

Qualifications & Training

BA HONS Music Industry Management - 2011 University of East London

L3 Diploma Enterprise and Entrepreneur - 2016 EN Campaigns

Business Diploma - 1999 Archbishop Michael Ramsey School

GCSE - 1997 Archbishop Michael Ramsey School



Awards & Achievements

Social Enterprise award –  University of East London

Haberdashers Award

Empowerment Ministry – Volunteer Recognition

Fellow – Royal Society of Arts

Be Mogul – Influential black entrepreneur


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