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Jessica Boston, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach
Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Kate Taylor


Creativity, Empowerment & Wellbeing Expert | Creative Living On Your Own Terms

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Keywords: Creativity, Confidence, Wellbeing

Industry sector: Coaching & Training, Creative, Marketing, Other

Location: United Kingdom

Kate Taylor is a leading creativity and empowerment coach, writer, and speaker enabling women to seek out their ‘why’ so they can live a life on their own terms. She’s on a a one-woman-mission to help others live life full of creative expression in order to live well, work well, and feel good.

Expertise & Speciality

Abuse and Recovery,  Actors and Actresses,  Addiction and Recovery,  Adventure,  Advertising,  After Dinner Speaker,  Agoraphobia,  Anger Management,  Anxiety,  Art,  Arts and Heritage,  Arts and Music,  Auras,  Bands,  Behaviour Modification,  Bloggers,  Body Image,  Branding,  Business and Finance,  Business Management,  Celebrity Chefs,  Change Management,  Coaching and Training,  Colour Therapy,  Comedians,  Communication Skills,  Complimentary Therapy,  Conflict Resolution,  Consciousness,  Consciousness,  Counseling / Psychotherapy,  Creative,  Creativity,  Dance / Movement Therapies,  Dating,  Death and Dying,  Depression,  Digital,  Diversity,  Divorce,  Domestic Abuse,  Emotional Intelligence,  Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness,  Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness,  Energy,  Entertainers,  Entertainment,  Entertainment, Celebrity and Showbiz,  Entrepreneurs,  Event Hosts,  Fashion and Beauty,  FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods),  Goal Setting,  Grief and Bereavement,  Hair Stylists,  Health and Fitness,  Health and Wellbeing,  Hypnosis,  Hypnotherapy,  Inspirational Speakers,  Intuition,  Leadership and Peak Performance,  Life Balance,  Life Hacking,  Life Skills,  Magicians,  Make Up Artists,  Management,  Management Consultancy,  Marketing,  Marketing,  Media,  Media & Marketing,  Meditation and Visualisation,  Mind, Body, Spirit,  Mindfulness,  Motivation / Inspiration,  Motivation / Inspiration,  Motivation and Teamwork,  Motivational Speakers,  Musicians,  Networking,  Neuro linguistic programming  ,  Neuro linguistic programming  ,  Organisational Skills,  Overcoming Adversity,  Overcoming Fear,  Overcoming Trauma,  Panic Attacks,  Peak Performance,  Peak Performance,  Performance Improvement,  Photographers,  Photography,  Poetry,  Positive Psychology,  Positive Thinking,  Presentation Skills,  Presenters,  Productivity,  Psychology,  Public Relations,  Purpose,  Rappers,  Reality TV Stars,  Reiki,  Relationships,  Relationships,  Sex, Love and Relationships,  Sexuality,  Singers,  Singers,  Smart Thinking,  Spiritual Healing,  Spirituality,  Spoken Word,  Stage Hypnosis,  Strategic Planning,  Stress Management,  Stunt Artists,  Stylists,  Subliminal Messages and Subliminal Learning,  Success,  Therapy / Counseling,  Time Management,  Travel,  TV and Radio Presenters,  TV, Film and Celebrity,  Wellness Restoration,  Writers

Industry Sector

Coaching & Training,  Creative,  Marketing,  Other

Passions & Purpose

Recent gigs & credits

Thoughtworks January 2017: Ending Imposter Syndrome

It’s Not Just For The Boys – October, November & December 2016: Ending The Idea of Perfection

Google December 2016: Designing & Creating 2017

Bestival September 2016: Talk on Wild Colours of Creativity

Obonjan – Summer 2016: Talk on The Art of Being Present




Long Biography

Kate Taylor is a leading creativity and empowerment coach, writer, and speaker enabling women to seek out their ‘why’ so they can live a life on their own terms. She’s on a a one-woman-mission to help others live life full of creative expression in order to live well, work well, and feel good.

Kate’s life as a creativity and empowerment coach came to be amongst the long days and nights spent working in digital marketing agencies in London. Her clients included innocent, Revlon, Bobbi Brown, L’Oreal, and many others. The pace was fast, electric, and fuelled. In these highly-pressured creative environments the stakes are high, and where, as the saying goes ‘fortune favours the brave’.

Whilst there Kate noticed she was having the same conversations with clients and colleagues time and again – the big questions, the unanswered questions, the constant niggling doubts, the fear of being ‘found out’, the lost fights in the daily ego-battles – it all takes its toll. There’s so much that women don’t give themselves credit for, and it can result in being held back from living a truly fulfilled life; both in and out of work. Not to mention the dreams, and schemes for a fulfilled life where a creative or business idea can make a difference in the world. It’s a melting pot of confusion and overwhelm.

Kate knew that she wanted to help women to stand in their power and bring their ideas to life, so she re-trained as a life coach, neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and Qoya teacher and combined with her business knowledge she helps women across the world through her unique blend of Practical Magic.

Whether getting started with a creative business idea, or simply living a life less ordinary, Kate brings creative spark, magic, and a bit of rock n’ roll colour to her clients lives.

Kate is a celebrated speaker and blogger, writing for her own and many other publications including Huffington Post, where she shares her perspective on living well, working well, embracing creativity, and living a life full of purpose and colour. She lives to support creative business women through her Celebrating Creativity series. When not speaking, coaching or writing, she curates events designed around Making Positive Changes in Brighton and London.

When not helping women to live creatively, Kate can be found experimenting with hair colour, getting over-excited about creative collaborations and being inspired by people, places and things. She writes about, and Instagrams, anything going: mostly about her dog Bertie and her life by the sea.

Qualifications & Training

Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (currently studying)

Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner

Diploma Life Coaching & Personal Performance Coaching

BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion

Qoya teacher

Reiki Levels 1 & 2

Family celebrant

Awards & Achievements



Feb 2017 – Natural Health Magazine: Qoya

Feb 2017 – &Co. Magazine: Wellbeing in the Workplace

Jan 2017 – Psychologies Magazine: Top 7 Yoga Retreats for 2017

Jan 2017 – Natural Health Magazine: Everyday Rituals

Nov 2016 – The Guardian: Colour Psychology – How different shade and tones affect your mood.

Nov 2016 – Psychologies Magazine: Getting Time on Your Side

Sept 2016 – Metro Newspaper: You Can’t Beat a Retreat

Aug 2016 – ES Magazine: Calling Time on Email Overwhelm

May 2016 – IPSE Magazine: Success Stories of Female Entrepreneurs

Spring 2015 – The Fold: Women in Power



Life Hacker: How To Get A Healthy Work Life Balance (And Actually Stick With It)

We Heart Living: Q&A with life coach Kate Taylor

Hot Courses: Kate Taylor – The Life Changer

The Healing Network – Interview with a healer: Kate Taylor

The Healing Network – Obonjan – Getting in the now



Radio interviews and podcasts

Business Radio: The Business of Creativity with Jen Smith

Kennet Radio: Feel Good Friday with Carolyn LuckyGirl Sykes

The Girl Gang Conversations with Sarah Starrs: What the *bleep* are Chakras?

Rise Goddess with Jennifer Cain: Goddess Hour with Kate Taylor

Upcoming Events

QOYA: Shoreham By Sea | Sun 12 March | DANCE WITH ME

QOYA: Isle of Wight | Sat 1 April | DANCE WITH ME

Making Positive Changes: Awaken Your Inner Spring | Thurs 16 March | LET’S MEET UP

The Positively Disruptive Symposium | Online | Tues 21 March  | CHECK IT OUT

F*ck Perfection | Brighton | Weds 29 March | LETS GET BRAVE

Holistic Garden Party | Cote D’Azur | 15-18 June | FIND OUT MORE

Obonjan | Croatia | 17-24 August | FIND OUT MORE

Interests and Hobbies

Miscellaneous Information

Kate Taylor is a leading creativity and empowerment coach, writer, and speaker enabling women to seek out their ‘why’ so they can live a life on their own terms. She’s on a a one-woman-mission to help others live life full of creative expression in order to live well, work well, and feel good.

Available for

Corporate Coaching, Other, Private Coaching, Retreat, Workshop,

Specialist Topics & Skills


Women in the workplace


Wellbeing in the workplace



Coach & Facilitator Experience

Corporate coaching

I work with both teams, and individuals within teams to bring the best out in each person, and for the to feel as empowered, motivated and confident as they can in the workplace. I also work with thought leaders to help them support their whole selves in their positions, as well as helping them to develop emotional leadership skills.

Life coaching and NLP in the workplace increases motivation and happiness, which ultimately improves productivity. Whether that’s supporting a team or individual to be the best that they can be with specifically designed workshops, ongoing mentoring, coaching or NLP. Before we start working together I work with key stakeholders to first understand the vision of the business, the values that come to underpin the behaviours, the challenges that individuals or teams may face, and then what work will best support empowerment and ongoing positive change in the workplace.

Coaching and mentoring can be particularly effective for people managers looking for ways to encourage, and bring out the best in their people. The knock-on effect for the company as a whole, is a profound one, with companies reporting on better communications within teams and with customers, brilliant team cohesion, and positive sense of culture as a result of working with me. Looking after the wellbeing of your people also has a knock-on effect of reduction in staff turnover and less reported sickness levels.

Here’s an example of the kind of group coaching and NLP sessions for teams looking to improve skills in areas such as:

  • Brilliant team culture: Understanding personal and team dynamics to get the best from each other
  • Team vision and values elicitation: building the north star and ways to work together that underpins brilliant team culture
  • Confident presenting: Pitching & presentation skills done with authenticity and confidence
  • Healthy client relationships: Maintaining healthy relationships with your customers from day one
  • Getting comfortable with failure: Learning to love failure through failing forward, and failing fast
  • Building resilience: Designed to build individual and team strengths, understand where pressure points, and recognise stress triggers.
  • Be a brilliant communicator: The meaning of our communication is the response we get, so let’s be impeccable with how we communicate to get the best out of our work.
  • Conflict resolution & management: Handling issues in a healthy way
  • Change management: Dealing with effects of team development, company change, merges or takeovers.



There’s nothing more I love than being getting animated up on a stage sharing my take on living a creative, powerful life. I get invited time and again to develop and deliver impactful sessions that really make a difference.  I’m incredibly passionate about what I do, and I understand its value and importance to encourage and empower people to live well and work well.

Here’s some examples of the topics I speak on:

  • Cultivating Curiosity & Manifesting Creativity

  • The Confidence Kick: Rock Your Good Stuff

  • Are you Faking It? Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

  • Embracing Meraki: Soulful Creativity

  • Secrets of Success Through Rapport: Learning the Ultimate art of Communication

  • Busting the Stress Myth: How to Build Resilience

  • Exploring the Wild Colours of Creativity

Recent gigs & credits

Hendricks Gin -Cultivating Curiosity & Manifesting Creativity

Google – Designing & Creating Your 2017

Deloitte – Welcoming You to The World of Work

Thoughtworks – One Team – Creativity & Culture

Yogaia – The Creativity Sessions

The Office Group – Female Empowerment

The Happy Start Up School – Learning to Love Failure

The Soho House Group – Learning to Love Failure

Mothers Meeting – Finding Your Focus

Work Well Being – Learning to Love Failure, Building Resilience, Step out of Your Comfort Zone, Stress Signals, Increasing Resilience, Digital Detox.

Ladies That UX – The Secret Art of Rapport

Qualifications & Awards

Master NLP Practitioner (currently studying)

NLP Practitioner

Personal Performance Coaching

Qoya Teacher



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