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Julia Lundstrom


Brain Hacker - Neuroscience and Brain Health Coach and Educator

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Keywords: Personal Development, Whole Body Health, Brain Health

Industry sector: Coaching & Training, Education, Health & Fitness, Science, Senior Appointments

Location: United States

As an educator in the fields of neuroscience and brain health, Julia Lundstrom has helped over 12,000 people through her webinars, public speeches and podcast interviews.  With her knowledge of the brain, she combines neuroscience and brain chemistry to help people take leaps instead of steps in making measurable improvements their memories and lives.

Expertise & Speciality

Coaching and Training,  E- commerce,  E-commerce,  Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness,  Entrepreneurs,  Health and Fitness,  Life Balance,  Life Hacking,  Marketing,  Meditation and Visualisation,  Memory Training and Memory Improvement,  Natural Products,  Peak Performance,  Performance Improvement,  Stress Management,  Vitamin Therapy,  Wellness Restoration

Industry Sector

Coaching & Training,  Education,  Health & Fitness,  Science,  Senior Appointments

Passions & Purpose

“I am on the path to self enlightenment and eternal happiness.”

I am driven by finding ways to improve people’s lives, starting from the brain on down. Learning and then teaching these learnings are what drives me every day.

With my knowledge of brain health, I combines the neuroscience of the brain in an entrepreneurial world to take leaps instead of steps in making measurable improvements in people’s lives.

Driving people to live to the fullest by leading by example is my ultimate goal. I love to look a the chemical components of the physical body and they intertwine to the energetic components of the mind body.

Recent gigs & credits

  • Speaker “How to Regrow Your Brain From Age and Lifstyle Brain Shrinkage at Any Age” – Female Brain Summit 2
  • Speaker “Learn 3 scientifically proven brain hacks to get more done in less time, sleep better and longer and take your game to the next level” – Underground, Denver Colorado
  • Regular Host on a Webinar Series “How to Improve Your Memory in 30 Days or Less”
  • Interviewed on Entrepreneur Unplugged Podcast: “Alzheimer’s is a preventable condition, but you have to know how to prevent it”
  • Interviewed on  The Truth About Marketing Podcast: “The Truth About Dating the FBI’s Most Wanted Bank Robber”
  • Interviewed on The Conscious Millionaire Health Reality Show Podcast: “Your 9 Pillars of Brain Health”
  • Interviewed on The Conscious Millionaire Wealth Podcast: How to Create the Systems to Create Business Success

Long Biography

Julia’s journey into brain health was one that made international news.

Her story started with an explosion of the strongest brain chemical there is – LOVE.

She fell in love with an Irishman. Unfortunately, right after they started falling in love with each other, he found out that his old testicular cancer had come back and spread. He had to start radiation and then chemo right away. Julia didn’t want to leave him because she thought love could conquer all.

Fast forward 3 years and many, many treatments of chemo later, he needed to have surgery because it had spread to his lymph nodes in his stomach. He broke up with her right before as he told her he couldn’t put her through any more. They ended up getting back together 5 weeks later.

As a  Certified Financial Planner by trade, Julia sold her practice in 2008 to start her own managed futures fund. This was incredibly poor timing with the market crashing.  She was broke and this Irishman owed her about $17,000.

She kept pushing him for the money as he had sold a business and made a bunch of money but he said it was all tied up in long term investments.

One night, she was holding his phone and it kept going off so she went to turn it off and saw a text from him to a an ex girlfriend asking for money saying he lived in a different city and worked as a bartender.

Julia reached out to the girl who said, “run, run as far and as fast as you can…”

It turns out that this Irishman was a pathological liar and even lied about having cancer – he never had cancer. He cut himself to make it look like he had surgery.

Then, 10 days after finding that out, this Irishman confessed to Julia that all his money came from robbing banks. He was a prolific bank robber and had robbed 24 banks in 14 months and was on the FBI’s Most Wanted List for bank robbers.

After turning him in, her life went into a tailspin and she fell into a deep depression which wrecked havick on her memory and her brain health.

After 6 months of this, she fell in love with a book that was around using your memory and her journey out of depression started. Using your brain and memory is an anti-depressant.

Coincidentally or not, she met a neuroscience that helped her the rest of the way out of depression and helped her become the neuroscience and brain health educator she is today.

Now, she enjoys building her nootropic business, traveling and speaking about brain health on many different podcasts, summits and in front of groups.

Julia takes neuroscience and brings it down into a language everyone can understand in her memory boosting, brain amplifying formula that took 7 years to decode.

Qualifications & Training

Julia is an accomplished speaker having been interviewed on multiple podcasts, summits and speaking in front of groups. She took 7 years of dedicated time and research devoted to create her "formula" for improving brain health and memory. Julia worked with a scientific team with over 40 years experience to create her 9 pillars of brain health.

Now, she has written a popular book called, The Brain Owners Owner's Manual: 3 Simple Solutions to Quickly Boosting Your Memory and is working on her 2nd book for publication on Amazon called the 9 Pillars of Brain Health.

Julia is also a Certified Financial Planner.

Awards & Achievements

My “3 Things You’re Doing Every Day That Are Destroying Your Memory” webinar has been viewed by over 6,500 people.

Sold over 4,300 copies of my book, The Brain Owners Owner’s Manual: 3 Simple Solutions to Quickly Boosting Your Memory

Upcoming Events

The Female Brain Summit 2: April 23-30th, 2017:

Learn how to stop or reverse age-related brain shrinkage, which is positively associated with dementia

Bring home the goods on which foods can help you boost your memory power naturally

Walk away with clear guidance on the #1 most important thing to do for your memory and health

Interests and Hobbies

I LOVE business. I love everything about it from starting it to solving the hardest problems. Meeting and helping people at all levels of business is where I thrive.

I’m also an avid surfer, I love to road bike, mountain bike, work out, learn new things all the time (currently learning Swedish and the piano) and challenge myself every day.

Miscellaneous Information


Creator of brain health supplements


My Products Include
Books, Physical Products, Affilate Programme
Product Details and Information

Book: The Brain Owners Owner’s Manual: 3 Simple Solutions for Quickly Boosting Your Memory. Over 3,500 copies sold. This book is only sold on our website and to our current customers. It has tips on memory improvement strategies and action plans for implementing the strategies.

Supplement creation: MindBoost Day  – proprietary blend for improving memory, focus and energy.

Julia dated a pathological liar who turned out to be on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. Upon learning of this, she promptly turned him in and her life took a nose dive into depression.

Using her memory and growing back her brain health is what snapped her out of it and now she shares her lessons with the world.

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Dating the FBI’s Most Wanted Bank Robber (and then turning him in) – the depression caused by this unbelievable story brought me to realize my passion in brain health.

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