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Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Isabel Hundt


Speaker / Life Transformation Coach/ Author/ Empath-Warrior™

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Isabel Hundt is the author of The Power of Faith-Driven Success and a certified Vision & Transformation Coach, international speaker, World-Visionary, Empath-Warrior™ and Global Presence Ambassador.

Over the past years Isabel developed a successful business by traveling all over to share her enlightening message of creating a powerful relationship with your true self and of trusting your own intuition.

Her passion is to support young adults create, live and transform their lives by understanding the scientific and spiritual connections between their heart and brain, by discovering their unique and magical gifts hidden within and by knowing how we connect with others.

She also teaches and speaks at leadership, young adult and women's conferences about how to use your emotions and intuition as a powerful guide in business and life. Isabel has especially a heart for the Empaths and Empath-Warriors™ (highly sensitive people) of the world of entrepreneurs.
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There Is Nothing Wrong With You

This signature talk is a powerful, thought-provoking message focused on scientific facts and the power of faith to help you understand how your subconscious/ conscious mind and heart can work for or against your success in life. Isabel talks about what it means to truly trust yourself, to be emotionally connected and how to feel guided from within to understand your God-given purpose and calling and to live your dream without feeling constantly overwhelmed, frustrated or exhausted. She takes you on a personal journey of discovering your superpowers, of understanding who you are by combining my knowledge of psychology, sociology, neuroplasticity, neuroscience, meta-/quantum physics and spirituality/ faith. There is nothing wrong with you even when society tries to make you believe the opposite. In her talk Isabel will explain to you why.

Free Yourself – Breaking Through Emotional Bondage

This keynote is a powerful, thought-provoking message focused on our profound world of emotions. Isabel is going to talk about what it means to truly trust yourself, to be emotionally connected and how to feel guided from within to understand your God-given purpose and calling and to experience life with more ease, freedom, peace and joy.
Participants will learn about what emotions are and how we can use them to break free from emotional, mental and spiritual bondage and instead use our emotions as a road map for our lives towards success and positive change. She will talk about ways to connect emotionally within ourselves which will support us in creating deeper and stronger relationships all around us, but most importantly within ourselves. The corner stones of this presentation are “Knowing”, “Distinguishing” and “Redefining” – knowing and understand what emotions are, distinguishing what we feel and redefining our relationship to our emotional world.

Trust & Perseverance

In this motivational keynote, Isabel shares her powerful and inspiring journey of moving from Germany to the USA as a teen and vividly describes how she found her gift as an empath through the struggles that came with leaving home. Isabel shares the lessons she’s learned about the complex world of emotions, how she uses emotions as a tool for trust and to persevere, and now teaches others to do the same. Isabel’s gift for weaving story with real-life application of skills will inspire your audience to move forward with their journey of personal discovery through emotion and encourages them to forge their own path to success.

How to Overcome the Emotional Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship

This keynote talks about how to experience true success in a world that wants to see you struggle. Inspired by her own story that started with a dream at the age of 12 years old of moving from Germany to the US, Isabel powerfully combines story with her message of relearning to trust your own intuition, to understand your emotionally world to impact-fully live out your passion and to start a movement.

Specialist Topics

The Age of the Empath-Warrior™.

World of emotions; how to use our emotions as a valid guide to success in life; the true message of emotions.

Quantum and Metaphysics of energy healing.

Faith and science together explaining how heart and mind work together for our greater good.

Finding your Purpose and Calling.

Trust and Perseverance.

Recent Gigs & Credits

Ball State University – Muncie, Indiana

Destiny Christian Center – Muncie, Indiana

Launch Out Conference  – Atlanta, Georgia

Harrison University – Indianapolis, IN

Speaking Experience


“Isabel has a great insight to the subconscious mind and the cognitive process and its role in the road to success. Her presentation I found to be very thought provoking and I would gladly recommend her as an authority on her topic…….Exceptional!” ~ Cory Minter, Launch Out Conference, Atlanta

“I was blown away by the impact of the discussions and the engaging of the audience relating to how emotional intelligence effects our mindsets and ability to relate to other people. I highly recommend engaging Isabel as a workshop instructor or facilitator if you have a desire to learn more about emotional intelligence and cultural relevance.” ~ Lady Reva O’Neal – Destiny Christian Center

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