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Ian Young


Addictions Consultant and Interventionist, Speaker & Trainer.

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Keywords: addictions, behavioural health, recovery

Industry sector: Charity, Coaching & Training, Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Healthcare, Medicine, Social Care

Location: United Kingdom

Ian Young is a man who wears many hats but no masks, who uses his experiences to see how he can benefit others, be that through business or in a personal capacity.

He’s always happy to help.


Ian has over 15 years as an Addiction Consultant, successfully touching the lives of thousands of addicted people and their families, showing them a new way to live and encouraging them to rebuild their lives without their destructive patterns or influences once and for all.

Ian is the founder of two large rehabilitation facilities and continues to offer consultancy to many others. His company Sober Services (since 2008) offers bespoke packages of treatment to individuals and their families ravaged by addiction.


But it wasn’t always like that… Early 2001, aged 29, after 13 years of chronic drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness, unemployment and living as an Outlaw, he discovered a permanent way out of his debilitating lifestyle and through hard work and a vision, built himself a world filled with the riches and royalties life has to offer – addiction free! In fact, Ian is often heard talking about his quality of life being beyond anything he could possibly have dreamed off previously.


Ian is an outstanding and charismatic speaker, very comfortable presenting and solving problems from the stage. It is his natural skill of engaging both large and small audiences that has taught Ian to exploit his organic talent of being a positive influence over individuals, for whom any encounter is both up lifting and thought shifting. Ian’s style is dynamic, inspiring and enthusiastic. He’s recently launched his own training company Sober-Academy to support others wishing to work in the professional addiction treatment industry.


Ian is a published author of his dynamic autobiography “It’s Not About Me! – Confessions of a Recovered Outlaw Addict, from Living Hell to LivingBig”. This is an easy to read page turner, telling Ian’s full story going into the depths of his own addictions whilst maintaining his world traveller adventurer status as a means to DJ globally, traffic and smuggle drugs and attempt to ensure the party never ended. It offers a candid description of the difficulties and challenges he faced trying to clean himself up and most importantly the practical and spiritual lessons he’s learned through his many years helping others remain drug and alcohol free, and turning his attentions to the welfare of others (hence the title).


Ian is both honoured and proud to be one of 35 founding members (2012) of the ATL – Association of Transformation Leaders, Europe, qualification for membership of which involves positively affecting the lives of over 6000 people.

In 2014 Ian was awarded the “Courage To Change Award” by the APCTC – Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants, for which he was chosen specifically by the judges because of his work towards helping and healing families struggling with addictions within the UK and beyond.


His charismatic and intelligent approach to business and projects alike brings a truly exceptional edge to all those fortunate enough to work alongside him and experience his energy, humour and passion. With his background and his understanding of the psychology of the human condition, Ian makes a unique addition to the human gene pool.


Ian is a homeowner and living with his wife, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 3 horses in a quiet part of Northern Hertfordshire. Beware, his energy is infectious, his dedication is profound and his passion to serve his clients shines through.


Ian’s personal mission is to co-create a green and harmonious world, through laughter and love, bringing a better quality of life to all who cross his path and beyond.

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12 Step Programs,  Achievement,  Addiction and Recovery,  Adventure,  After Dinner Speaker,  Drug and Substance Abuse,  Emcee / Master of Ceremonies,  Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness,  Event Hosts,  Everest Climbers,  Health and Wellbeing,  Healthcare,  Healthcare,  Hosts and Auctioneers,  Inspirational Speakers,  Intervention,  Mental Health,  Motivation / Inspiration,  Motivational Speakers,  Personal Development,  Presenters,  Spirituality,  Therapy / Counseling,  Travel,  Travel, Leisure and Adventurers

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Charity,  Coaching & Training,  Entertainment,  Health & Fitness,  Healthcare,  Medicine,  Social Care

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Ian Young is a dynamic and charismatic Speaker on all things Addiction & Behavioural Health related, and also a terrific MC as a host of other people's events, due to his humour and audience engagement
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After Dinner, Charity Event, Corporate Event, Other, Radio Host
, Speaking Events, Ted Talk, TV Host,


  1. It’s Not About Me ~ Confessions of a Recovered Outlaw & Addict
  2. Heaven On Earth – one person at a time
  3. BubbleGum Spirituality

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I speak most weeks on a local chapter level helping people find addiction recovery.

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Author of the popular "It's Not About Me ~ confessions of a Recovered Outlaw Addict, from living hell to living big." Also author of various eBooks specific for helping people into addiction recovery. Some experience as an expert commentator for various publications over the years. Written plenty of articles for my websites too (blogs and content).
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Blogger, Book Author, Magazine Columnist, Other,

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Senior Trainer for specifically delivering Professional Addiction Intervention Trainings (over 3 days) and Sober Companion Trainings (over one day).
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Workshops around all things Addiction and Recovery.
Also “Heaven On Earth” in an effort to serve the wider population of the planet, one person / group at a time.

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