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Jessica Boston, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach
Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Hillary Harris


Creating 'Soul'utions for Success, Fullfillment and Heart-centric Living... Effortlessly!

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Hillary Harris, Prosperity Coach, Intuitive Strategist and Founder of SOUL PURPOSE, is also a highly acclaimed, internationally sought after Transformational Speaker and New Perspective Facilitator. With two decades of experience, Hillary provides unique, highly provocative, heart- and soul-expanding presentations to organizations, conferences, special events and the general public. Whether working with small groups or presenting in front of large audiences, Hillary gets directly to the core of the matter, allowing people to finally embrace and then move beyond their fear, follow their heart, and make a quantum leap in their personal and professional development. While both inspiring and challenging participants, Hillary will share the secret to what she calls “Effortless 'Soul'utions for Success” – defining and designing your own path and creating exactly what you truly desire for your life and work (or Soul Expression as she calls it), doing it your way... without the struggle!

A Summa Cum Laude graduate of Dartmouth College and a graduate of Coach University, Hillary built her flourishing coaching and speaking business using a combination of maverick creative efforts and visionary principles. She is highly intuitive, skilled in strategic thinking and action and knows how to produce results – helping people find 'Soul'utions for success and fulfillment through integrating and releasing the unproductive feelings, perceptions and beliefs that stop them from achieving and maintaining authentic satisfaction, abundance, prosperity and success.

Hillary brings to her keynotes, presentations, workshops and facilitations a breadth of experience in technology sales and marketing, market research consulting, customer support, executive search consulting, leadership training and development, and the arts. Such a diverse background has given her the ability to relate to and understand the concerns of all types individuals ranging from the corporate-minded CEO to the free-spirited musician. It has also taught her how to cross communication bridges to deliver her provocative universal and spiritual messages and philosophies in a very practical, tangible and easily accessible manner.

Passionate about sharing her extraordinary insights during this time of unprecedented global change, Hillary reaches even wider audiences as the dynamic and energetic radio host of 'ASCENSION360º - Navigating the New World Energies' - her own radio talk show airing on Bringing insights, information and a new world view to empower you, she is a voice of and representative for the embodiment of Truth, Integrity and Divine Love that is necessary for living and thriving in the new energies and new era we are inhabiting.

Hillary serves as a conduit for the wisdom of her listener's Higher Selves and a steadying force and navigator for the extraordinary transition we are undergoing. As a Vibrational Catalyst and New Reality Architect, she teaches us literally how we can build and create our new world into existence. Hillary does not channel her messages, but rather allows the information to come through her 'straight from the Source's mouth' - ensuring its absolute and infinite clarity, purity and power. Whether in person or over the airwaves, Hillary connects with and touches audiences, deeply engaging them while forever altering their perspective and their experience of money and prosperity, work and career, spirituality and life. Her presentation style is highly interactive and dynamic and will have a positive and profound impact… guaranteed!

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After Dinner, Corporate Event, Live Seminar / Conference, Online /Digital Event, Other, Radio Host
, Speaking Events, Ted Talk, TV Host,


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Adding A New Dimension: Bringing your Business into ‘The New World’ Economy

Have you noticed that the world and our ways of doing business are rapidly changing?  As old structures and models continue to break down, we are quickly evolving on every level to transcend what no longer serves us and find fresh perspectives and approaches to meet our challenges. Our business practices and perceptions must also follow suit.

Join Hillary Harris and she presents to you the 5 R-evolutionary Cs of our New World Commerce that will transform the way you operate and experience all aspects of your work and life.  These models and methods are nothing like the old and will assist you in bringing a more heart-centric focus to your business, taking your company into an entirely new stratosphere – one providing a new dimension of opportunity and creative force – guaranteed!


The New ‘Money Mind$et’ – What’s Love (and Anger) Got to Do With It?

Does it seem that the economy and the state of world affairs are impacting your personal and professional bottom line?

Consider this – outside forces have nothing to do with how much money you have or how much your business makes. Rather your own energy around it – i.e., what YOU think, feel, believe and say about your money, determines your level of prosperity. And your “relationship” between you and your money is a critical factor in your ability to achieve and maintain true abundance!

Are you – and those you surround yourself with – comfortable and confident or do you feel fear and ambivalence?

In this presentation you will transform old money beliefs and concepts to learn how the new world money paradigm works.  You will come to understand how to draw more prosperity, create effortless success – and experience authentic fulfillment and satisfaction while doing it!


When a company is challenged by internal shifts or external events it can shake it to its very foundation. The impact is hard to gauge and even harder to heal without the proper tools. Many people in leadership roles are at a loss as to how best to communicate with employees in order to move through uncertain and unprecedented times. How do you keep your organization focused on the tasks at hand? How do you work in a “business as usual” mode?

The answer is…you don’t. This is the time of Business UNusual. How are you functioning within it? How do you determine what is most important? How can you more than just survive and, in fact, thrive? And how will you lead and inspire others into a new future? This presentation will guide you to the answers to these critically important questions and enlighten you about the new world leadership practices that are necessary for your business to succeed and be prosperous – inside and out.

What is your Soul Purpose? Are you living and working from it?

Your “soul” purpose is the authentic truth of who you are, what you value and what you are here to do. Today, more than ever, it is crucial to connect with this truth in order to find real fulfillment. Living from your Purpose brings clarity and allows you to attract whatever you desire with ease! In this heart provoking presentation you will learn the necessary ingredients for experiencing true joy and creating and living a life that is deeply and profoundly satisfying.


Does your career light you up inside and out? Is your work an inspiring, exciting and satisfying expression of who you are? Do you feel passionate about what you do…or have those once burning embers cooled and begun to fizzle out? You spend more time at work, with the people you work with, than anywhere else in your life – including with your own family! So why not be passionate about it?!

Life is too short not to be doing what you love. In this presentation, you will discover how to bring the spark of passion to that flicker and rekindle that career flame.



Recent Gigs & Credits

Meet The Dragons! LIVE Online Webinar Event – March 15, 2017

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Speaking Experience


Success Beyond Belief presentation was one of the most enriching experiences I have had in my life.”

– P. Norton, Senior Management, Welch HealthCare and Retirement Group
United States

“Hillary is like Robert Kiyosaki meets Wayne Dyer.”

– Dan Millen, President, Rock On! Boston Concert Promotion Company
United States

“Hillary is extremely motivating and relentless in her belief that everyone has a true purpose in life and will persevere.”

– Deborah Stark, Job Seeker
United States


“I highly and unhesitatingly recommend Hillary as a speaker for women and money. She is a wonderfully inspiring, graceful, and articulate woman, who happens to also be a Prosperity Coach. Hillary offers an original and transformative perspective on money. The day I heard her speak was the day my issues with money began to dissolve, really! In short, Hillary’s a wealth of knowledge (pun intended) and a gift to the universe. If you ever have a chance to hear her speak or a chance to work with her one-on-one, seize the opportunity! Who wouldn’t want to lead a prosperous, successful, meaningful, and pleasurable life? Hillary shows you how with grace and ease.”

– Rosemary Brutico, Quintessence Communication, Public Relations
United States

Said about Hillary’s Taking The “Work” Out Of Your Work Search presentation:

“This was a great presentation. Through Hillary’s ability to help develop the process of soul searching and finding oneself, I learned to articulate my true net worth and began to learn how to fly once again. Seems like we all get bogged down in our routine and forget who we really are and what we are best at. Hillary is one of those rare individuals with astute intuitiveness, who can certainly help people return to themselves. I am so excited. Her type of morale boost and the spiritual aspect to the presentation really made me look within. After a year of unemployment and waiting for the right opportunity, I applied
what I learned in making my next decision and I was graced with a VP of Sales
executive position the very next week! Thank you!”

– Mike Sapienti, VP Sales, IBM
United States

“I’m a business owner who attended Hillary’s
Challenging Your Money Mind$et  presentation last December. Hillary opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about and treating money, which had a profound impact on me. Since then, I’ve become a ‘student’ of the Law of Attraction, devouring the materials recommended, plus exploring others. After making a habit of implementing these practices, there’s been a big shift. Q2 was the most prosperous quarter I’ve had to date in my business, and money has literally come from places I never expected. Thank you so much, Hillary, for introducing me to prosperity thinking!”

– Chris Vasiliadis, President, Signature Faces, Inc.
United States

“Hillary Harris is a wonderfully motivating speaker. She presents with a thorough knowledge and practical real life stories. Hillary teaches you how to respect and how to deal with integrity matters concerning money and relationships. Her style is clear and concise. She can help you turn your life around if you really want to.”

– Linda Marshall, presentation attendee
United States

“Thank you, Hillary, for the gems in your
Money Mind$et presentation. Because of your insights I have changed/modified my view of money and have attracted more business.”

– Sasha ZeBryk, Professional Speaker
United States

Said of Taking The “Work” Out Of Your Work Search:

“I received more from this one hour than from two years with a retained search consultant.”

– Scott Calisti, Retired Naval Officer, Job Seeker
United States


“I left Hillary’s presentation with a refreshed sense of possibility, inspiration to start over, and permission to stick to my goals.”

– Kathy Moore, Job Seeker
United States


“Uplifting and inspiring presentation about the essentials of life.”

– Steve Parnell, Job Seeker
United States

“The best positive approach to job hunting I’ve seen.”

– Jerome Kalkhof, Job Seeker
United States


“Hillary’s presentation was right on target. I cam away with a clearer understanding of how to continue my job search.”

– Stephen Doucette, Job Seeker
United States


“The hour I spent in Hillary’s presentation taught me more about myself and my relationships, and gave me more good solutions than my first two years of college.”

– Kara Stafford, Northeastern University Student and Conference Attendee
United States


“Hillary was inspiring! She provided the ground rules for success with myself.”

– Neakai Lewis, Program Coordinator, XCEL Women’s Leadership
United States


“Next time you’re looking for a great speaker on a number of different topics, please consider Hillary. She is….marvelous!!!! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing and participating in her seminars twice in the past few years and she is truly motivating. A top notch speaker indeed!”

– Lois V. Pike, Litchfield, CT, author of Embracing Life – Living
With Chronic Pain
United States

Other Information

For more information, visit: SOUL PURPOSE

To see Hillary’s speaker demo, click here

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Hillary Harris, founder of SOUL PURPOSE, is a Prosperity Coach, Intuitive Strategist, Transformational Speaker and Life & Career Purpose Guide. With over 18 years as a catalyst inspiring others toward their dreams, she creates a dynamic partnership with her clients to support them in attaining and exceeding their goals while producing extraordinary results along the way.

Hillary works with individual clients, on both personal and professional levels, to discover their soul purpose, pursue their true passion and eliminate the blocks that stand in the way of achieving and maintaining real abundance, prosperity and success. She works with businesses to create and powerfully operate from an inspired vision such that each employee, and the company as a whole, functions with purpose, effectiveness, and powerful intentionality. She empowers her clients to expand their vision of what is possible and challenges them to accomplish their greatest desires while remaining grounded in what they value most. What her clients get is the opportunity to define their own path, find peace and balance at home and work, and live their most fulfilling life. The added benefit – they get what they really want and they do it their way…effortlessly!

Hillary’s background includes technology sales and marketing, market research consulting, customer support, executive search consulting/recruiting, leadership training and development, and the Arts. She is highly intuitive and skilled in strategic thinking and action and she knows how to produce results – helping you to bring your goals and desires to fruition!

Hillary has expertise in the areas of:

Belief and Reality Shifting/Empowerment
Prosperity Enhancement via Money
Relationship Awareness
Goal/Dream Attainment via Laws of
Attraction Principles
Soul's Purpose Discovery/Authentic
Self Illumination
Leadership and Confidence Building
Communication and Listening
Life/Career Design, Balance, Transition

Effortless Success Practices
Personal/Professional Effectiveness
Perfect Work Identification, Creation
and Attainment
Entrepreneurial Business Design
and Building
Energy Healing, Reiki, EFT (Tapping)
Self Awareness and Self Care
Spiritual Growth & Intuitive Guidance
Soul Ascension/New Vibration Shift
Emotion Integration/Grief Work

Consistently working to further develop her own intuitive gifts, Hillary utilizes her capabilities to enhance decision making at a soul level. This provides her clients with a platform for designing creative “soul”utions to their issues - " 'Soul'utions for Success" -
as well as giving them powerful tools to release the beliefs and fears that stop them from having what they need and want.

Attracting people from all over the world, Hillary works with a variety of client types including entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs/executives, leaders, managers, coaches, creative individuals and individuals in personal and/or professional transition. Her clients are people who dare to dream bigger, desire to pursue their passion and choose outrageous “positivity” not only as a way of being, but as a necessary means to achieving their goals effortlessly!

Hillary is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Dartmouth College and a graduate of Coach University, an international program recognized as the leader and innovator in the field of Coaching and Coach training. She was a charter coach, alliance board member and event leader for, an innovative virtual community offering telephone courses designed to help people “turn inspiration into action.” Hillary is a certified Print® Coach and is trained and certified in Level II Reiki / Reiki Jin Kei Do and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). She is also a gifted, ongoing student and practitioner of a variety of other forms of energy healing, heart retrieval and soul re-membering modalities.

In addition to her coaching and guiding, Hillary is a highly acclaimed and internationally sought after speaker, seminar leader and facilitator. She provides unique, transformational, heart- and soul-provoking presentations to organizations, conferences, special events and the general public. She is also a popular guest as a Prosperity expert on terrestrial and Internet radio shows across the country sharing her extraordinary insights with listeners, profoundly engaging them while forever altering their perspective and their experience of money, work and life.

Deeply committed to further sharing her voice during this time of unprecedented global change, Hillary reaches even wider audiences with her radio show podcast - ASCENSION 360 – Navigating the New World Energies - airing on Bringing insights, information and a new world view to empower you, her topics provide consciousness-raising, mind-expanding, provocative conversation about everything “new” – from the new world economy and collaborative commerce to the new YOU – inside and out; to our new relationship with money and prosperity; to letting go of fear, ego, karma and negativity; even a new look at how we “look” at everything!

Hillary is a voice of and representative for the embodiment of Truth, Integrity and Divine Love that is necessary for living and thriving in these new energies and the new era we are now inhabiting. As a Vibrational Catalyst and New Reality Architect, teaching us literally how we can build and create our new world into existence, Hillary also serves as a conduit for the wisdom of her listener's Higher Selves and a steadying force and navigator for the extraordinary transition we and our precious Planet are undergoing. She invites you to tune in to tune UP your vibration! Visit:
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