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Emeka Egbuonu


Author, Former Lecturer, Publisher, Youth Coach & Keynote Speaker

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Industry sector: Charity, Coaching & Training, Creative, Education, Other, Public R elations, Teaching

Location: United Kingdom

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Charity,  Coaching & Training,  Creative,  Education,  Other,  Public R elations,  Teaching

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Emeka Egbuonu is a phenomenal writer who takes great pride in creating materials with extensive research, and passion to compose novels that grip the reader. Emeka writes in an engaging way that entertains the reader in a educating, and thought provoking manner that allows readers to enhance their lives. He is the perfect candidate to invest within through his entrepreneurial products, and services as a speaker, publisher and author.

My Products Include
Books, Online Courses, Digital Products, Physical Products, Service Based Product, Affilate Programme
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All books including Emeka’s latest novel “My Sister’s Pain” is out in hard copy & as an E Book are available

Amazon Link To Emeka’s Novels

About My Sister’s Pain: My Sister’s Pain Purchase Link

Nkechi and Adaora are accomplished, driven sisters, wrestling with identity, danger, relationships and the expectations of their Nigerian family. Cheeky young brother Chidi must find his place in the world, too. Teacher Nkechi embarks on a trip to Nigeria with her father, eager to understand cultural traditions and prepare for her wedding. But the trip ends in tragedy, requiring far deeper self-exploration than expected. Her fiancé, Patrick, must search his soul, too. Psychotherapist Adaora is a high-achiever, unable to sustain relationships despite her intelligence and beauty. She faces the consequences of her life-choice to remain childless – the wrath of her deeply religious mother, Mrs Edozie, and the loss of every man she cares for, like handsome, muscular Charles.

The sisters weave a tapestry of cultural and personal clashes – of happiness and broken relationships. Can their sisterhood survive?

Ambitions of the Deprived: 

Ambitions of the Deprived chronicles the lives of four teenage friends as they experience life through a lens of contradiction, conflicts and struggles for space and identity. Refusing to be limited by the stereotypical expectations of society due to their race, age and social status they pledge to rise above their circumstances and succeed against the odds. At the crux of adulthood they have high aspirations and great motivation for careers in teaching, law and the Olympics. Their destitute area, violent gang members and a local murder uproot their plans when one of the boys, Junior becomes unwittingly caught up in the crime. His innocence is of little importance when the trial tarnishes him with the same brush as the perpetrators.

Family in disbelief, friends in uproar, community in protest the effect is widespread. As the pressure mounts ambitions are put on hold, friendships are tested and loyalties broken. Unless the trial can be infiltrated, labels will continue to criminalise.

Consequences (Breaking The Negative Cycle):  Consequences Direct Link

Concern about gang culture is on the rise. Gangs lead young people into danger and lead to community division, fear and deep distrust. However the
 friendship and support the security and sense of belonging they give young people is a powerful draw. Through his Consequences Programme Emeka Egbuonu 
aims to give young people a real sense of the consequences of their actions. Taking a group of young people from London to Los Angeles he looks at how life in 
gangs has ruined lives in the 'gang capital of the world'.
Emeka examines the pain of families who have lost young people to knife crime on the streets of London and tries to identify what drives young people into the
 viscous cycle of gang culture. Starting from the slave trade, Emeka's insightful look at the breakdown of the family unit, peer pressure, stereotyping and racism
 is an uncompromising message to us all. With interviews and powerful accounts of knife crime on both sides of the Atlantic, this book pulls no punches.


Ambitions of the deprived workshop is designed for 16-25 year olds, especially those who fit in the NEET (not in education,employment or training) category. The workshop focuses on giving young people key skills they will need as they prepare themselves for further education, employment, entrepreneurship and apprenticeships. Workshops can be one session or spread out to cover more topics over several days or weeks.

Many young people want to be successful, but on that journey they will need some key tools. 

What we cover:


Public speaking 

Goal setting

Overcoming procrastination

Team building

Effective communication

Barriers to learning


Friendship groups

Importance of literacy

All of the themes in this workshop are themes which were covered in the Ambitions of the deprived novel. As a parting gift every young person that participates in the workshop will receive a copy of the book. We also want to encourage more young people to read.

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For bookings, interviews, features, press, and more information please contact Emeka's PR Manager directly or through the enquiry form. Brown Coach PR: Lisa Brown Email:  011 44 785 426 0995

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