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Jessica Boston, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach
Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Elly Johnson


“Become a 'Truth-Attractor' before a lie spotter and you will have less lies to spot”

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Keywords: Truth Coach, Lie Detection, Decoding Truth Dilemmas

Industry sector: Advertising, Coaching & Training, Customer Service, Education, Entertainment, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Government & Politics Graduate, Health & Fitness, Healthcare, Hospitality, Human R esources, Insurance, Legal, Leisure, Management Consultancy, Marketing, Media, Nursing, Oil and Gas, Other, Pharmaceutical, Property, Public R elations, Public Sector, Recruitment Sales, Retail, Sales, Science, Senior Appointments, Social Care, Sport, Teaching, Telecoms, Tourism, Transport

Location: Australia

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Advertising,  Coaching & Training,  Customer Service,  Education,  Entertainment,  FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods),  Government & Politics Graduate,  Health & Fitness,  Healthcare,  Hospitality,  Human R esources,  Insurance,  Legal,  Leisure,  Management Consultancy,  Marketing,  Media,  Nursing,  Oil and Gas,  Other,  Pharmaceutical,  Property,  Public R elations,  Public Sector,  Recruitment Sales,  Retail,  Sales,  Science,  Senior Appointments,  Social Care,  Sport,  Teaching,  Telecoms,  Tourism,  Transport

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Elly is an engaging key note speaker and trainer who will have you digging deep and thinking about the role truth, or the lack of it, plays in your personal and professional life. You want more truth and less lies?
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Decoding Truth Dilemmas

Get 30% More Truth, Spot 50% more Deception

Evaluating Truthfulness and Detecting Deception in Interviews and Communication

Truth, Lies & Love – Finding Mr Amazing…faster!

Specialist Topics

Encouraging more truth

More honest conversations

Deception detection

Minimizing deception in dating and relationships

Recent Gigs & Credits

IAFCI – International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators – Seminar at Quarterly Meeting. Evaluating Truthfulness and Detecting Deception in Interviews and Communication

Devondale Murray Goulburn – 3 hour seminar to Procurement and HR Specialists – Truth, Lies and Emotions



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I have a fascination with truth with a passion to help people address truth dilemmas to live a life less impacted by limiting or obstructive deception.

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Career / work, Friends & Family, Love / relationships, Physical activity, Home & Environment, Social life, Death / Tragedy, Spirituality, Life Purpose
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Elly has a fascination with truth with a passion to help people address truth dilemmas to live a life less impacted by limiting or obstructive deception.

Through a diverse career that includes law enforcement and senior management along with roles in sales and recruitment, she has witnessed people manipulate the truth to avoid conviction, to get a conviction, to dodge blame, to secure a sale or to land a new job. In her own life, and that within her circle or friends and clients, she has seen a fear of truth and twisting of truth cause emotional pain and mental anguish.

She has seen how a lack of courage to be truthful can have significant impact on self and others, how it can impact on the culture of an organisation and in relationships and can result in emotional turmoil, fractured relationships and deep distrust.

For over 16 years Elly has taught and coached people in Australia and internationally who work in roles where getting the truth is paramount. Through Training Group International, that was founded in 2001, she works with groups who seek to uncover the truth in order to make high impact decisions.  She trains government security and intelligence personnel, many who are tasked with getting information and making decisions that can effect the safety of our country.

In 2015, Elly sought to further her studies in human behaviour and became an approved trainer with Paul Ekman International, based in the UK. She trained to facilitate programs designed to develop skills in evaluating the truthfulness and credibility of information. The programs are based on over 40 years of research by Dr Paul Ekman, a leader in the field of human emotion, facial expressions and deception.

She has presented to audiences from a cross section of industries who are keen to gain insight into ways to encourage more truth and elicit information, whilst spotting early warning signs of harmful deception.

“In my career as a trainer, in almost every seminar or training session, I have someone approach me and share a story about how the topic of truth and lies has significantly impacted on them. Mostly their story is laced with pain, disappointment or a negative emotional outcome. Many say they wished they had the skills taught in our courses before now, so they might have better navigated  and coped with the situation at the time. 

When I reviewed our programs I recognised that teaching people to spot behaviours associated with deception was highly valuable, but few people were aware of how to get and give more truth. I saw patterns of behaviour that I’ve termed a truth dilemma and I began to explore a broader application of the content I was teaching. That’s when TruthAbility was born.”

Elly has also trained as a relationship coach with Mars Venus International where she honed her skills in helping people build stronger relationships by improving communication and creating a foundation of truth and trust.

“I believe there’s an opportunity for most people to develop an improved ability in telling, attracting and encouraging truth. Strengthening this ability can reduce the prevalence of lies and build stronger, more authentic connections. And, of course, if damaging deception is present, being able to spot it early is important and can minimise time wasting outcomes based on misinformation.” 

Elly is an engaging key note speaker and trainer with a message that will have you digging deep and thinking about the role truth plays in your personal and professional life.

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