Sarah Lister (Venturer)

Life Coach and Adventurer

David, I just want share with you that since I came across you a couple of days ago something has massively shifted in me and I have been taking action, mega exciting adventurous action!

I don’t know exactly what or how you have had this powerful impact but truly thank you.

Styrling Strother

Director of Coaching Development at USATennisCoach

David is an incredible coach! His insight and keen awareness to ask the right question at the right time is phenomenal. David has a way of making you feel very comfortable to help you explore your own personal possibilities, dreams, and aspirations to become the best! I’ve worked with David over the past year and my life has been transformed to ACTION!! David’s integrity and honesty are his best qualities, he has the capacity to push you towards greatness while at the same time ask questions that free you to discover your path to success!

Lucy Hyde

Peak Performance Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist

David has an ability to cut down to someone’s truth so accurately and quickly that I genuinely believe it makes him unique in this field – it’s like a superpower. He is a good friend and coaching buddy of mine, but I feel like the word ‘buddy’ is a disservice to David, as the way he coaches is like nothing I’ve experienced before. He is one of the most selfless coaches I have come across, and has a particular mix of kindness and hard questions that he delivers like a martial art. He walks his talk with explosive energy and humbling authenticity. David’s message is about connecting people to their own greatness, and having people work from the place of their deepest truth.

Taff Rahman

UEFA ‘A’ Licence – Tottenham Hotspurs Academy Coach

I would highly recommend David, he is a excellent life coach. I have worked with him over the last couple of months in a number areas where I wanted to establish further growth. Since our start I have to confess I have grown and suppressed beyond my expectations! Working with him I have developed new techniques to managment of work and life situations, effective ways of thinking and further embracing new challenges. Thank you David.