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Jessica Boston, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach
Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Speaker, Strategy Consultant & Founder, Successiory

Unique ID: successiory

Keywords: Pricing, Social Media Strategy, Self Care

Industry sector: Management Consultancy

Location: Canada

Welcome to hearing yourself think. Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA, strategy consultant, speaker and Successiory president and founder, I work with you, service professionals, to streamline your business model for quality, time and energy:

I firmly believe the overflow of self care is what makes you most effective, most creative, in serving your clients. When your business is truly designed to amplify the best you have to offer, your clients see, feel and respond to that.  I’m here to help You redesign your business to better fit you. More at

Expertise & Speciality

Business Management,  Coaching and Training,  Creative,  Entrepreneurs,  Environment and Nature,  Life Balance,  Management Consultancy,  Marketing,  Motivation / Inspiration,  Motivational Speakers,  Nature,  Naturopathic Physician,  Organisational Skills,  Positive Thinking,  Productivity,  Social Media,  Strategic Planning,  Sustainability and Environment,  Time Management,  Training

Industry Sector

Management Consultancy

Passions & Purpose

No one can define your passion, your purpose, but you. At Successiory, I, Crystal-Marie, truly focus on self care to overflow, free will and living on your terms. All services, from strategy consulting on pricing, feasible schedules, client process and social media, to social media packages, are rooted in:

  • Pareto’s 80/20 Philosophy: Optimize your time, energy and resources. Focus on the 20% of tasks, relationships that meet 80% of your needs. 20% of clients who invest in 80% of your offering. Focus on ideal client & services.
  • Lifestyle: You didn’t become an entrepreneur to work harder than you did when you worked for someone else. It happens, it’s fun, but that’s not the goal. Work, but work smart. What else is fun? Travel, family, dance, play.
  • Community: Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Friends, corporate colleagues, even family, may not get it. This means it’s that much more important to be selective about the clients, partners and networks we work with.

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Recent gigs & credits

Click here for the Successiory company profile and click here to see what clients are saying. Recent successes are listed below.

Leon Goren, CEO, PEO (2017) – Social Media, plus

  • Social media strategy execution for PR and increased visibility on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • RESULTS, 1 month: 20 new relevant followers, 400% increased engagement, 3 leads, 1 client
  • Accounts: &

Janette’s I’m Every Woman! TV (2016) – Strategy Consulting

  • Set standard pricing to cover business and lifestyle costs, sticking to client profile.
  • RESULTS: Easy-to-explain packages and pricing. Accepting only clients who value services.
  • Website: | Testimonial on Successiory Client page.

Nikki Cummins, Defy Your Age (2016) – Strategy Consulting

  • Social media and Client engagement strategy, to connect with relevant clients.
  • RESULTS: Going beyond “Likes” and “Comments” and bringing offline clients online.
  • No Website: com/KingbirdGroup | Testimonial on Successiory Client page.

Organic Design Studio (2015), Twitter Account Management

  • Organic channel growth campaign – Marketing, PR and CRM functions.
  • RESULTS, 3 weeks: 1 lead. Went from 4 to 96 followers. 80% real people. | Accounts: Twitter

AIS Toronto, (2012-2015) – Board Member, Strategy

  • Reviewed strategic goals, KPI and related metrics for better reports; Goal: clients, referrals.
  • RESULTS: 110% increased online awareness about AIS and Supportive Housing in Toronto.
  • Accounts: Website Launch PM, Twitter, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Company Page

MGS, Ontario, Canada (2011) – Strategy Consulting

  • Researched existing IT security procedures, for business process and automation efficiency and interdepartmental-interaction analysis, using interviews, document review, other tools.
  • RESULTS: Clarity for resource allocation. Clients clearer on MGS offers and scope of works.

Long Biography

A warm welcome, decision makers and entrepreneurs. My career started in 2001, spanning strategy, environmental and engineering consulting, university alumni relations, training and more – for public and private, clients and employers, in 2 countries – more on that here. Relevant successes:

  • Executing social media strategy for Executive Association CEO, in 1 month: 20 new relevant followers, 400% increased engagement, 2 leads, 1 client (2017).
  • Empowered client to increase her prices by 70% per client, earning over 200% more with fewer clients (2016).
  • Executed a 1-month Twitter strategy that lead to a 96% increase in followers, with leads (2015).

Let’s focus on you. What goals may I support you in achieving?

Enterprise, for 2 decision makers, I work with you to establish client community on social media, via strategy consulting, workshops and strategic social media packages focused on strategy and execution designed to build client community.

Entrepreneurs, leaders and solo professionals, I work with you to streamline, so you can work smarter, earn more and serve better clients, better. Strategy consulting reviews your pricing, schedule, client process and social media. Social media packages cover strategy and execution, to build client community.

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Qualifications & Training

MBA, Schulich School of Business, York University (2010).

Awards & Achievements


In the media:

Upcoming Events

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Interests and Hobbies

Miscellaneous Information

What does your audience truly need? Your business on Your terms. 'Pricing for a thriving business' to 'client community on social media' and 'living self care and authenticity', Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA, takes you on a practical and inspiring journey back to your worth around Pareto's 80/20 principle. In my talks, we lovingly leave behind what doesn't work and focus on what does. We focus on the business You want for clients who value and invest in YouMore at | [Note: July 2017 to May 2018, Online Events only. Returning live, June 2018.]
Available for

Corporate Event, Live Seminar / Conference, Online /Digital Event, Speaking Events, Ted Talk,

Specialist Topics

  • Time Management/Self-Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Self Care
  • Authenticity
  • Social Media
  • Women in Business
  • Motivation
  • Profitability
  • Pricing

Recent Gigs & Credits

  1. Conference speaker, breakout:the Disruption of Authenticity‘ DivaGirl Toronto Conference (2016)
  2. Advisory board guest speaker: GroYourBiz – 4 boards across Ontario (2016)
  3. Conference panelist: Iler Campbell LLP social media panelist Tools Conference 2015 .
  4. Bank of Montreal (BMO): corporate social media training, LinkedIn (2015).
  5. Toronto Public Library, guest speaker: small business series speaker, social media (12 locations, 2015-2016).
  6. Ongoing worships & training: 2014-2017, live and online.

Speaking Experience

Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA, president and founder of Successiory (2009) and the E.A.S.Y. Strategy – Effective, Actionable, Simple and Yours (2014), Crystal-Marie’s career that began in 2001, spanning marketing communications roles in both private and public sector, from environmental engineering consulting and small business to government and universities.

In 2014, she began facilitating her own signature workshops and by 2015, Crystal-Marie had spoken at 15+ events. She was nominated for the CAMP Entrepreneur of the Year Award and became an bestseller with her Chapter in “DYNAMO Diaries – Volume 1”. Iler Campbell invited Ms. Sealy to speak on a panel at the Tools Conference 2015 and she’d also delivered internal training to the Bank of Montreal (BMO).

Crystal-Marie also delivered her signature talks at several GroYourBiz Advisory Boards and Toronto Public Libraries, the DivaGirl Toronto Conference (2016) and moreCrystal-Marie continues to accept paid speaking invitations. 

For more about Crystal-Marie explore her Speaker profile or visit


What clients and my audience are saying:

  • Audience: ““I participated in Crystal-Marie’s webinar titled ‘Pricing for Your Lifestyle’, which was offered through Company of Women. I’ve listened to the webinar twice since then because I was very interested in what she had to say and to make sure it was sinking in. I have been in business 15 years, but I am still not as confident about pricing as I want to be. Crystal-Marie has helped me realize that I am offering a quality service which I should be paid for because it has value. I needed the moral boost that Crystal-Marie gave me.” (April 23, 2017)”Marlene Sanders, Webinar, Company of Women.
  • Audience (& later, Client): “I met Crystal-Marie at a professional workshop we both attended and I very quickly recognised how authentic and likeable she was. After hearing her present to us on how she can help business owners improve and maximise their social media strategies, her solid knowledge in her field and professionalism really shone through. In all my communications with her since that day, she has demonstrated her positive attitude and poise, and interest in helping others succeed. I find those to be admirable qualities that will surely help anyone bump up their social media and business success!” (October 31, 2014) — Martina Rowley, (previously Business Beach Hub).
  • “Crystal is a very dynamic, energetic and energetic speaker. She is a pleasure to listen to, and has a very warm and interesting speaking style that makes it easy to listen to  and  learn from her. She is a very upbeat, creative, and friendly person, and makes an incredible speaker. She even adds humour to her talks as well, to keep them light, interesting, and enjoyable to listen to – and also helps hold the crowd. Very impressive in front of an audience!” (October 29, 2014) — James Elliott,

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Here, you’ll find material that empowers you to build the business you want. As resources increase, you’ll find more that help you close the gaps in establishing pricing, client engagement, social media community and business schedules that work for You. More at

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