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Jessica Boston, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach
Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Bob Brumm


Encouragement Engineer

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Industry sector: Administration, Coaching & Training, Customer Service, Education, Engineering, Finance, Health & Fitness, Hospitality, Human R esources, Insurance, IT (Information Technology), Legal, Management Consultancy, Marketing, Oil and Gas, Public Sector, Recruitment Sales, Sales, Sport, Teaching, Technology, Telecoms

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Administration,  Coaching & Training,  Customer Service,  Education,  Engineering,  Finance,  Health & Fitness,  Hospitality,  Human R esources,  Insurance,  IT (Information Technology),  Legal,  Management Consultancy,  Marketing,  Oil and Gas,  Public Sector,  Recruitment Sales,  Sales,  Sport,  Teaching,  Technology,  Telecoms

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Values From The Man Who Gave Me My Name

A personal compilation of the values my father instilled into me.  Being raised by a person from “The Greatest Generation That Ever Lived” was a great asset in my life. People of this generation showed values of: Respect, Hard Work, Give before you Get, Thanks and appreciation, Sacrifice, Faith in a higher power and Courage. These are values we can re-incorporate into our current society. These values allow you to: step out of the norm and be a leader, be a person of character and be an inspiration to others. These values show people of our society that we care about more than just ourselves. We care about doing what is right, for the right reasons and for the greater good. Making a difference in our world.

The Positive Perspective

Our daily lives bring us many adventures. Some positive, some negative. No matter what the adventure, we have to proceed through our daily life events the best we know how with our limited time on earth.

 The Positive Perspective offers an encouraging alternative look into many of our daily trials and tribulations to enhance our life and the lives of others. Making a positive impact on our society is a great responsibility we can all share and benefit from.
 For anyone looking for encouraging, uplifting, positive perspectives to challenge the daily negativity in the world, The Positive Perspective offers encouraging insight into a Positive alternative for you and/or your organization. 
Do You Have Money To Burn
Our society is so fast paced with instant messaging, fast food, and instant potatoes that people spend their money as fast as they make it and then wonder where the money went? This insightful book will escalate your knowledge, enlighten you to opportunities and encourage you to take control of your life and your money.– Stop Throwing Your Money Away!

– Save over $500 a month!

– Get a Handle on Your Finances!

– Keep More of What You Earn!

– Invest in Your Future!

– Change Your Life!

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom offers quotes for your daily encouragement. These quotes are from great historical figures to current people in our society. This book offers Inspirational Positive Perspective to life’s events through these great quotes.

The Power of Knowledge

The Power of Knowledge” will guide future leaders to achieve their goals by TAKING ACTION. Even if society is negative, confusing and overwhelming at times. Bob Brumm shows the skills necessary for a leader’s journey, which include:

– Realizing the Power of your knowledge
– How to Take Action towards your goal
– How to be a catalyst for achievement & overcome obstacles
– Realizing F.E.A.R. can be “un-learned”
– Having a Positive Perspective in life



When I lost my other at the age of 6, I also lost my grandmother two months later and my grandfather on Christmas day that same year. I knew I had a greater purpose. That I had to persevere to build what I was meant to do.

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Education, Career / work, Friends & Family, Death / Tragedy, Life Purpose
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Bob Brumm is a Professional Speaker, Author & Encouragement Engineer serving corporate, collegiate, sales and youth organizations.

With a diverse background in accounting, business and 22 years in the IT/Telecommunications industry Bob brings understanding, encouragement and effectiveness to organizations through personal experience and background so teams work enthusiastically together as a cohesive team to achieve objectives. Bob also provides personal professional coaching to improve personal growth and presentation skills improvements that build better connections with customers, increasing sales, project approvals and funding.

Bob is a top selling author of six books and has been a guest on nationally recognized radio and television shows such as,, The Empowered Speaker show, Mornings with Lorri & Larry on Family Net radio, Not Just Talk radio, WILX News in Lansing Michigan, Success Made Simple in Tampa Florida,, The Real Estate Quarterback Show, and published in nationally recognized publications such as USA Today, ComputerWorld, TechMediaReports and regarding his encouraging messages for many groups.

Bob has had the opportunity to share his skill, knowledge and energetic perspective to many international organizations such as Hillsborough Community College, INFOCOMM, INTEROP, Pinellas County Schools, Tandberg, University of North Florida, University of Tampa just to name a few.

Bob is based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Bob Brumm offers Enthusiastic Encouragement for Positive Action, serving corporate, sales, collegiate and youth organizations through keynote and workshop presentations with positive encouragement to combat the negative views that inundate our lives. Bob also works with individuals to achieve personal and professional goals through positive encouragement coaching.
To contact Bob Brumm for your specific event, or to order books or gather more information, please send an e-mail to: or call 813-309-1460.

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