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Andy Lopata


Business Networking Strategist

Unique ID: andylopata-co-uk

Keywords: Networking strategy, Referrals generation, Social networking sites

Industry sector: Coaching & Training, Sales

Location: United Kingdom

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Keynote speaker on business networking strategy and referrals strategy. International speaker with experience of speaking in 25 countries worldwide. Author of three books on networking.
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4th-18th May 2017 Tour of Singapore and Hong Kong – 10 presentations in 12 days. Clients include Asian Professional Speakers Convention, HSBC, Mastercard, Standard Chartered, ComplianceAsia and Marsh.

21st April 2017 Paypal Paris – Bigger Than You plus Masterminding workshop

5th April 2017 Lincoln Pensions – How NOT to Get Referrals

28th March 2017 Inspiring Hearts and Minds programme for Muscle Help Foundation

Speaking Experience

Member of the Professional Speaking Association since 2003

Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association since 2012

Member of the Global Speakers Federation

Master of the Institute of Sales and Management

Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute


“Andy designed and facilitated a bespoke workshop for a group of Health Outcomes Consultants within the Pharmaceutical industry. I found Andy’s approach very flexible and it was clear that Andy was very keen to ensure his workshop offered tailored value to our team. I was impressed with the amount of research Andy did prior to the workshop to understand our world (working with the NHS). The delivery of the workshop was facilitation (no power point slides!) and all members of the team were highly engaged. The workbooks Andy had designed to help people capture notes and to write down comments during breakout sessions worked very well. As a direct result of Andy’s workshop, we are now implementing a “networking strategy” that is aligned to supporting our key business goal. Andy’s advice/insights have made me re-think all my customer interactions and even in the short term I am getting results. The “after” support Andy has provided in terms of “reminder videos” and 1:1 phone conversations has been much appreciated. ”
Adam Newman, Health Outcomes Consultant, GSK
“It is great to work with a speaker like Andy who really wants to understand the audience he speaks to and tailors his content to them. It’s also great to have all the post event content Andy prepared specifically for us and so quickly. It has been a pleasure to work with him.”
Galina Lebedeva, Education & Events Senior Co-ordinator, Wella UK & Ireland
“Andy has provided three fantastic talks for us as part of a “Networking” programme he tailored to our needs. He is really engaging and left the audience wanting more which is a rarity when you work in Finance! He is extremely professional and personable and it felt like Andy really knew the topics and had researched the audience. Just thinking about what the next set of talks he can provide will be…!”
Nicola Hradek, Co-Chair HSBC Balance Employee Network
“Andy presented an excellent tailored session on networking to BDO’s directors and principals. He came highly recommended and the feedback received by attendees completely supported that he was the right person to invite as an external speaker to our event. At each stage of the event from planning to delivery to follow up, Andy’s approach was extremely impressive. He spent time at the outset understanding us, the way we work and our key objectives, and this continued with discussions with us in the run up to the event to shape the session to our needs. His delivery was really engaging and struck a great balance of encouraging group based discussion and provoking thoughts through his skilled insight. After the event he has followed up with us in terms of key messages specific to our session. With Andy’s involvement we were able to fully meet the aims of the session and I would wholeheartedly recommend others to have him run a session based on the benefits of him doing so for us”
Andrew Kelly, Director Human Capital Services, BDO llp
“I worked with Andy for Unity, the Women Initiative at PayPal. Andy delivered a networking training in London and Paris. He joined us for a 1.5 hour workshop to speak about the importance of investing and utilising your network internally and externally. The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive and we will continue to run the training in other offices in EMEA.”
Astrid Huijssoon, Senior Marketing Manager Cross Border Trade – PayPal CEMEA
“I’ve known Andy for many years and can personally endorse him as a business professional and speaker. I’ve worked alongside him as a speaker aswell as used him at some major customer events for Brother UK. Prior to our own event, Andy was very meticulous in ensuring our messaging was fully understood so that his content was spot on and the audience feedback supported this. Andy is highly familiar talking to B2B audiences particular, this comes across in his ability to translate key messaging well. Wherever I go, Andy is held in very high regard and I can personally endorse him as someone who is easy to do business with, professional and also great to work with.”
Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director, Brother UK
“Andy’s ‘The Networking Mindset’ networking event was fascinating. I’ve been to loads of networking events over the years which are always full of people who don’t quite know why they’re there…. myself included. Really enjoyed it, and would highly recommend.”
Nicholas Harkin, Head of Risk & Governance at Close Brothers Retail Finance
“You created a nice WARM atmosphere and at the same time you kept the tension alive : the one we can experience when we are networking (a bit anxious, talking about yourself, wanting to be somewhere else …) We could FEEL that members were building a rapport with you. So it was not Facilitator and Audience but an interactive dynamic. Not only because of the activities but because of the way you were interacting with us – A bit difficult to describe but it felt as if you were part of the game, yet facilitating the event, providing some “theory” but along with the practice. I liked this very much – not often the case. Instead of using facilitating, maybe I would say that you were harmonising our experience, putting words on it so that we can understand what is going on at our end, and then giving advice, tips. So the bit in the middle is what made your approach different from a lot of networking sessions I have attended! There was no feeling of lecturing at all… which is also rare considering that you have written books. You never retrench in your knowledge. I would describe this as your ability of being present in what’s going on… You work with “what is going on right now” not what you have in your books… not to say you don’t use it but it is not your starting point. One thing I need to repeat because it was particularly good : the transition between all activities were very smooth. As an audience we don’t experience “breaks”. ”
Armelle Cressent – Women in Banking and Finance Networks Committee
“I found the session with Andy really interesting and helpful. It offered a different perspective to development sessions I have been to before and it made me really think about how I was positioning myself at work and what I needed to be doing differently. In particular it made me realise that I had really neglected my networks, both internal and external, since returning from maternity leave and this has prompted me to be much better at getting out and about to see people. It was the first Balance event I’ve been to and has definitely made me keen to attend more.”
Tori Henderson, Senior Public Policy Manager HSBC
“It was lovely listening to your talk yesterday. It was the best talk I’ve ever been to. Loved the content, pacing, delivery, structure. Your message was very memorable (imparting that much information can leave listeners forgetting what was said) and you managed the balance between substance, detail and memorability well. I particularly liked: – That your angle, style and approach was what Networking MEANS TO YOU (hence it was unique, individual). – That you described contrast and boundaries eg. difference between Network and Friends. – Hilarious story of the man who stood by the front door and handed out cards. – That it’s ultimately what someone’s willing to do for you. – The quick “breakout” tasks – I actually learnt stuff from my group’s feedback to my own challenge! – Explained what makes the subject special, different. You said you were meeting with someone next week to take the presentation up a notch. In my opinion it’s already broadcast quality. I wouldn’t change anything to structure or content. And I think you’ve got something there with your personal attitude and approach. But there was also oodles of substance and examples in what you said too. If you’re wondering what motivates me to take the time to write this – I’ve been to so many bad presentations that I had to make sure you know that yours was brilliant.”
Rebecca Aguilar, BBC Worldwide
“Andy has the knack of getting under the skin of organisations he works with, he certainly did it with us. He clearly understood the issue we were trying to address and got the whole organisation thinking about how we could best engage with one another. Some of issues and ideas suggested by Andy in his presentation were adopted and put into action within weeks of the session. ”
Paul Reynolds, Director of Public Affairs and Research, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.
“Andy came to speak at BDO about what networking really means and how best to be most effective. In this age of 24 hour news and demands on our time, Andy’s simple and concise tricks and tips were much appreciated and very well received. I would recommend Andy to come and spend time with any team that wants to maximize the time of its busy people out in the market”
Tomas Freyman, Partner, Valuations. BDO llp
“As head of PayPal UK’s Women’s Initiative Network, I met with Andy to discuss what he could bring to a WIN session. Andy was extremely helpful, attentive to our network’s objectives, goals and audience. Andy’s ‘It’s Who Knows You’ seminar was personalised to PayPal and delivered to a very responsive and engaged audience of over 60 delegates. The feedback we received from members was overwhelmingly positive, making it one of the best sessions we had all year. I would strongly recommend Andy to speak at your event and his positive demeanour makes him a pleasure to speak with. ”
Aileen Parsons, Relationship Manager – Strategic Client Services, Paypal
“As an IIP gold standard employer, the on-going development of our staff is paramount to the future success of the business. After seeing Andy present at an industry event I knew he was someone that could make a positive impact within our organisation and help us with our business objectives. Andy’s style suited our company values perfectly as it is very much based around letting people learn at their own pace and be part of the sessions instead of just being presented to. There was a mixture of experience, job roles, nationalities and seniority in the room and Andy ensured that everyone felt this training was directed at them, such is his way with words. The only negative from the team was that the session was too short, they all enjoyed and understood the benefit to them so much they wanted more. We have put in place follow up sessions to ensure this valuable knowledge is utilised not just with the team directly but also cascaded globally throughout our organisation. I would recommend Andy and his network to any employer looking to empower a team to unleash their inner networker and therefore increase business growth performance. ”
Robert Kenward, Global Development Director, Banks Sadler
“Andy worked with two sales teams at IMG and Wembley Stadium to help us develop a more focused approach to networking and one more likely to deliver a successful return. The teams were mixed in terms of experience, skill and comfort when networking. In the three months since Andy delivered his sessions, I’ve noticed a clear change in the approach taken by everyone who participated. They are more considered about which events they choose to attend, prepare more thoroughly and are more confident when at the events. Most importantly, their diaries are full with follow up meetings with people they have met at those events, and they have been more focused on building relationships with those people rather than selling to them. We have already received a number of referrals as a result.”
Andy O’Sullivan, Head of Sales – Hospitality, Wembley Stadium
“We engaged Andy Lopata to conduct a seminar on networking at our offices in Waterloo, Belgium. Andy is an energetic presenter who quickly captured our audience’s attention. The content of his presentation was excellent and fostered lively commentary and questions. The break-outs were especially constructive and everyone enjoyed the six degrees of separation exercise. Networking is a critical skill for success and Andy offered many helpful tips that were relevant and useful to our pan-European employees. We will definitely have Andy back for another session and are looking for other ways to partner with him. ”
Jennifer Rademaker, Head of Strategy Development Europe, MasterCard
“”I was captivated by Andy’s insightful and thought-provoking workshop. The group activity of testing 6 degrees of separation was particularly powerful. Masterminding was not something I had heard of before, but found equally impressive. You could feel the energy in the room at the end of the workshop. Several people commented that the event had changed their lives!” ”
Miranda Abraham, Chair, Women in Banking and Finance
“Andy has successfully been working to support me at Molnlycke over the past few years and in a number of different ways. His enthusiastic and interactive presentation at our National conference was very much appreciated by all and his series of workshops for my leadership team has been put to significant positive use. Effective networking is critical to our organisation and like many others, resonates strongly within the challenges we face as an industry.”
Shona MacDonald, Business Director UK & Ireland, Wound Care. Molnlycke Health Care
“I attend lots of these events and am usually happy if I come away with a useful tip or two. Andy exceeded my expectations and I filled two pages of my notebook! A great workshop all round”
Julie Ashmore, Co-Chair, HSBC Balance Network
“Andy has successfully elevated networking into more of a strategic arena ……………….rather than it just being a “skills” thing. ”
Phil Jesson, Director of Speaker Development Academy for Chief Executives
“I very much enjoyed Andy Lopata’s presentation on Building Social Capital. His energy and love for his subject, in which he is clearly an expert, drew in his audience wonderfully. His style of interacting with each attendee, throwing out questions, breaking into small focus groups yet keeping the pace rippling along suited the calibre of the delegates. I also enjoyed the course very much having a lot of fun yet have taken away a wealth of information and contacts. Invaluable. ”
Theresa Summers, Instructional Designer, Department of Health
“Dear Andy, I am just sitting here with Ben Freedman from Ella and told him about my recent capacity building training delivered for UNHCR in Uganda. I was training refugees in economic literacy, social entrepreneurship etc. As I had come to partake in your training session just a day before flying down to Uganda, I actually incorporated the essence of your teaching about networking in my training – and taught the refugee group how to source their immediate environment and relationships for experts and potential business partners. In a single home work evening they came up with 300 connections over 4 levels of connection. It helped them structure their marketplace and will guide them in the future in accessing new opportunities. I just wanted to make sure to tell you this story. Happy to chat more about it in the future. Many thanks again for the great inspirational lesson. All the best, Freddy”
Frederic Kastner, Head of Social Innovation, Fuse Foundation
“This is a man that is close to many people’s heart. Many people’s lives and organisation behaviours changed because of him. Nowdays many people see me as a natural gifted networker and very few would believe that I’m actually a typical INTROVERT by nature. Andy actually believes that introverts make better communicators because of their attentive listening skills! Andy has a genuine interest in people and an unusually big heart. He always gives without expectation of short-term returns. Not only my individual life has had a total makeover after I met Andy, as a result of my personal improvement, the networks that I lead are now making a much bigger impact in the society. I can never thank Andy enough and would highly recommend him any time without hesitation.”
Ruth Lau, Central Marketing, HSBC Private Bank
“As the Institute’s keynote speaker at this year’s Fellow’s Symposium Andy’s contribution was above and beyond expectations. This wasn’t just another presentation for him as he took great care to discuss our potential requirements and to understand the audience and what we hoped to achieve. As a result the 90 minutes was well crafted with multiple opportunities for the attendees to be directly involved with just the right amount of humour peppered throughout. The use of personal stories added relevance and as a result I have already received three emails and two telephone calls from attendees who have expressly advised that as a direct result of the presentation they will without doubt be changing the way in which they network. A huge success – thank you.”
Michael Strawbridge, Head of Member Services, Learning and Performance Institute
“Andy worked with my business partner and me for a number of months as a referral and networking coach. Our business has demonstrably grown due to the new techniques and skills learned through working with Andy.”
Dan Hall, Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch
“Andy ran a fantastic networking session, tailored specifically around the needs of the team, filled with real life examples and practical tips to both give confidence and suggest new ways of working. His enthusiastic and empathetic style meant that the team felt comfortable to ask questions and walked away with lots of new ideas to try.”
Emily Rycroft Deputy Director of Development and Alumni Relations at University of Birmingham
“”Andy has a tremendous reputation across the women’s networking groups among the TNON membership. He has spoken for many of the networks and always gets excellent feedback. He has consistently supported women’s networks and diversity in general for a number of years and is the consummate networker, always practicing what he preaches.” ”
Vanessa Vallely, Managing Director, We are the City; Co-Founder, The Network of Networks
“Andy Lopata is a true role model for any aspiring professional speaker in my view”
Heather Townsend, author of The Financial Times Guide to Business Networking

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Author of three books on business networking. Fourth book due to be published in 2018/19 Building a Business on Bacon and Eggs, 2005 Life Publications ...and Death Came Third! The Definitive Guide to Networking and Speaking in Public. 2006 Bookshaker; 2nd Edition 2011 Panoma Press. International editions: US, Australia, Singapore & Malaysia Recommended: How to Sell Through Networking and Referrals, FT Prentice Hall (Pearson) 2011. Translations in Spanish and Chinese    
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