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Jessica Boston, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach
Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Akexa Martinez


Consciousness Evolution Through Sexuality Empowerment

Unique ID: alexa-n-martinez

Keywords: Sexuality, Empowerment, Mindset

Industry sector: Arts & Heritage

Location: United States

New Orleans born and raised, ex pageant girl, studier of science, turned art dealer, turned world traveler (78 countries and counting) leading to Relationship and Sexuality Empowerment Mentor & Coach.

My interests, life and business experiences are broad. I didn’t plan for life to unfold this way, but I am so glad that it did!

People come to me to learn about all the things that were not taught in school about relationships and sexuality.

Often times I work with people who are looking for a new way to do dating or a way to break the vicious cycle leading to relationship pain and anguish. I work with conscious couples who are looking to broaden horizons and singles who are looking to redefine what relationship structure looks like for them.

How I entered this field? Working on luxury cruise liners for 6 years and managing my teams for months at a time often had me playing the mother, the life coach, the motivator, the listener and often times the glue to keep the team members bonded. I blended home life with work life and a unique management skill set involving open discussions about sex and relationships and it always paid off in my business.

Eventually, I was told enough times that I should DO this full time, and I listened.

I live for “a-ha” moments within myself and others. I will never stop playing my part in making people and the planet better.

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Adventure,  After Dinner Speaker,  Bloggers,  Business and Finance,  Coaching and Training,  Communication Skills,  Consciousness,  Consciousness,  Dating,  Dating,  Emcee / Master of Ceremonies,  Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness,  Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness,  Erotica and Adult,  Event Hosts,  Explorers / Adventurers,  Gender and Sexuality,  Hosts and Auctioneers,  Industry Sector,  Inspirational Speakers,  Intuition,  Leadership,  Life Balance,  Life Skills,  Management,  Meditation and Visualisation,  Mind, Body, Spirit,  Mindfulness,  Motivation / Inspiration,  Motivation / Inspiration,  Motivational Speakers,  Overcoming Adversity,  Personal Development,  Positive Thinking,  Presentation Skills,  Purpose,  Relationships,  Relationships,  Sales / Customer Service,  Science, Technology and Futurists,  Sex, Love and Relationships,  Sexuality,  Social Media,  Social Media,  Sports, Fitness and Olympians,  Success,  Tantra,  Teaching,  Toastmaster,  Travel,  Travel,  Travel, Leisure and Adventurers,  Writers

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