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Why am I inspirational?

Date Posted: March 3rd, 2017

Please read below transcript from one of my Inspired Seminars in London, this one was January 2017 and I speak about my intention and you may just find the read inspirational.


What is intention? If you looked in the Oxford Dictionary definition what intention is, what would it be? What\’s intention mean?

Female Audience Member: What you\’re going to do?

Main Speaker: Yes, what you\’re going to do. Anything else? What else is there?

Female Audience Member: Your dreams too.

Main Speaker: Yeah, your dreams, what you need to do. Absolutely, all of those are physical intentions and so often that we feel that we need this financial intention or physical intention. And so to me a great question is when you reach the end of your life, when you sit on your rocking chair and you look back at your life, what will be your emotional intention? In other words what have you felt throughout your life? Because from what I understand human beings, we don\’t care so much about our thoughts, we care about how we feel, we care about how we feel. And so to me intention is the deepest guide. When we understand our intention at a deep level we can do anything. We can create anything.

So when you look at great leaders from the past, if you look at Nelson Mandela, what was his intention? If you were to simplify his whole intention, his whole life and you would take it to a granular form and you would say what was his intention for his whole life? Can you share one word? What was Nelson Mandela\’s intention from what we understand?

Male Audience Member: Unite.

Main Speaker: Yes, to unite. Sir Martin Luther King, what could have been his leadership intention?

Female Audience Member: Freedom.

Main Speaker: Yeah, freedom, absolutely. So you look at businesspeople, Richard Branson, Ray Kroc, whoever you want to pick, they\’ve all got this intention. Gandhi, a sense of Independence. Every great leader understands with every fiber of their body, they understand their intention. So I believe behind every behavior, everything that we do in life, everything, there\’s an emotional reason why we do it. There\’s a reason why we do what we do. And if we can find that, then we have great power.

I\’ll give you an example.

My Mum passed away when I was 18 years of age. And before that mum became a Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist, and Mum started chanting 4, 5 hours a day. Mum got sick and she passed away. But throughout that last period of her life, it was in a way the strangest thing because she became so powerful internally because she understood emotional intention, and even though she only lived for like 4 or 5 years on from that, she understood what she was living for and she gave such enormous love.

And so really that taught me, when I look back how powerful it is to have an emotional intention. And so when I was in my mid-30\’s I wanted to start a charity and I guess follow on from Mum\’s emotional legacy. And so when you want to make a change in the world and you\’re from South Africa the obvious places is start looking at Africa. So I got together with a friend of Michael Steve-Headley and he convinced me that I should go to a place that I never heard of called Burkina Faso in West Africa.

Subsaharan landlocked, French colonial country. So from a literacy perspective when you look at the United Nations they say that it\’s the second poorest country on our planet. So if you want to make a real difference to eradicate poverty physically in your life, then Burkina Faso is an amazing place to start. So I flew over there and I met the kids and after a week I was just like, \”How can I help?\” And the main reason, I really wanted to help is I actually now realize, I didn\’t click it at the time, but I realised the spiritual wealth that these people hold, their community, the strength of their community is off the scale, because they understand their intention.

They would live or die for the person they\’ve never met that\’s in the next village. That\’s why they\’ve got this strength of character. And so as I started to work on how could I build a charity, all I had in my head at the time, because I wasn\’t bright enough to see anything else, I had a physical intention. And so I wanted to build a school, and we ended up building a school for a thousand kids which I feel is great. It\’s an amazing achievement, I\’m very proud of it. But what I realise now is I had a physical intention.

So if you want to build a school what\’s the intention of building a school? What could it be?

Female Audience Member: Educate?

Main Speaker: Yeah, to educate. So to educate, and what\’s the intention of education?

Female Audience Member: Change lives.

Main Speaker: Yeah, to change lives. As you change kids\’ lives what\’s the intention of changing lives? What does that create?

Male Audience Member: Opportunities.

Main Speaker: Yeah, opportunities. As you create opportunities, what\’s the intention of opportunity?

Female Audience Member: Freedom.

Main Speaker: Freedom, absolutely. As the kids feel more free and they eradicate poverty for themselves and the village is thriving more, what does that create? What does the sense of freedom create emotionally for the kids? What does that create? Is there anything higher? Is there anything deeper?


Female Audience Member: Empowerment.

Main Speaker: Yeah, empowerment, freedom, happiness. Now I built a building, I built a load of classrooms, okay, that have helped the kids. But they\’re traditional classrooms. Because I wanted to build a school. So I was listening a lot to my head.  I guess I\’m being quite hard on myself. But it\’s true. I just got caught in a positive cycle of building a school, bricks-and-mortar. And actually when I look at it, six years ago if I had the inclination and the emotional intelligence at that time to sit down and say, \”What\’s going to do the best for their freedom rather than a classroom?\” I reckoned that I would have spent half a million quid on a very different project. I would have looked at a farming project. I would look at vocational skills. I would have created more community projects. I would have created leadership within the school.

So it\’s a massive learning that if I started around a table, looking at my emotional intention, the outcome, the output from that project would have been just far more phenomenal than what it\’s already been. So with that I\’ve learned that the power of every behaviour that we create in our life needs to have a conscious emotional intention behind it. Because then you understand the deepest part of you and your feelings.

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