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What do people say about The Ultrapreneur Teaching Kids Entrepreneurship Programme?

Date Posted: January 10th, 2017

“We were able to use the activities at the UltraKids Club to support our fundraising event at the school. The children and teachers resonate with the values and that we should do more of it. We chose UltraKids Club because we think it’s important that children learn about business as long as it’s alongside things like social responsibility” – Rebecca Wall, Deputy Head, Fleet School

“UltraKids Club is an amazing idea! I’ve used the learning resources successfully to raise attainment and ambition in my students. I strongly believe in entrepreneurship in education and am glad it’s being delivered in a fun way” – Leah Salmon, Educator

“I didn’t think I could be good at business because I’m a girl but reading about Malachi and Penelope makes me think I can do it too..They’re great!” – Tiffany Wright, Student, 8yrs

“Our database which has thousands of youth development programmes showed very little when it came to entrepreneurship in primary schools. We think the UltraKids Club will be a welcome addition to helping raise attainment in children around the UK.” – Nathalie Richards, CEO, EduKit

“I like the Ultra Kids Club because it’s bright, interactive and personalised. It helps young children set goals and look at why they set these goals and set steps to achieve them. I think all young children should learn about running their own business and this is a great tool to help them. My little brothers loved the colouring book, the pictures and messages are awesome especially for children.” – Nature, 12 year old CEO of,

“Ultrakids is not just another colouring book! It is also filled with lots of positive messages for kids (and adults!). The images are easy to colour in and at the same time, kids are encouraged to “be the best they can be!”. We use them to enhance our restaurant experience for families. Julian and his team have really started on important journey and I hope they continue to get the support they deserve.” – Darren Philips, General Manager, IBIS Hotel, Luton Airport

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