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Jessica Boston, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach
Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Products Tab

What is it that you sell? How do you make money?  This is what information you feature here.

Your products & services give you authority in your industry.

You may be employed and may think that because of this that you don’t have any products to add to this tab. We would advise you to at least have something that you could give away to people – something that showcases your knowledge. This could be a small webinar, audio download or ebook that could be given away to an audience as an added extra. Data is important. Products are given away in exchange for the participants email address. Small bonuses like this make you more bookable as you will provide a possible lead via these new email addresses.

Tick this box to feature your products on your profile. You are a business. Wether its your time and knowledge, a book, or a program you should record it here.

Our talent scouts are looking for all kinds of things and a expert with a product or service they can promote is valuable.

Some interviews and articles are just on products. Think about the many authors that have been featured on The Oprah Show and most recently in the Huffington Post. Magazines are always featuring new products and the latest things on the market.

The media and event creators love to create content that features a product that they can make commission on or that they can use in give aways / competitions.

If you do not have a book or product to promote yet go to our blog & academy pages in the footer as we give advice on how and why you should do this. Products can give you authority in your industry.

If you would like to be interviewed on your products, get free promotion by giving your products away, receive joint venture / affiliate offer  you must tick and have this tab visible on your profile.

Please take a look at this profile and see how it has been created –

In the tab you have the following options to fill out

Section One

         Synopsis – Write a short introduction that explains your writing work. Please keep this as a short summery as you have the chance to write in detail about each area you work in later in the profile.

         Products – Tick the product types you have. This will enable you to be found easily in the search filter.

         Product details and information – Write about your products in detail in this text box. We suggest that you write a short paragraph for each option you selected previously, give each a clear title with a paragraph underneath. You can then add photos, videos and audios of these products in the gallery sections.

Video Gallery –  Here you add proof of your product. Include video testimonials from clients and infomercial videos that explain your product and business. Create a video with you speaking about your product and video. Show people that you are camera ready.

Have a look at for cheap video informercials and intros that you could use to make your profile and product stand out.

Image Gallery, Gallery PDF, Audio Gallery –  Again show proof of your product – this could be publicity shots of the product and evidence of the product in action. If you are the product use shots of yourself in action. If you have sold your product or worked with particular companies you could add there logos here.

Remember that every tab must be approached like a one page CV. People may only look at one tab on your profile. Make each tab incredible.

Talent Scouts are going to go to the tab that is relevant to the services that they need. Do not worry about repeating information, text, photos, video on multiple tabs. Make each tab the best.

Remember – By ticking this tab you make yourself available to be discovered in our search engines.

Make sure you tick this tab to be discovered.

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