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Jessica Boston, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach
Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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Pitch User Guide and Explanation

Form user guide for Gamechanger Casting “Pitches”

Pitch Type
Below are the different types of pitches you can create. This list alone will give you lots of ideas on what you could be creating and pitching.

Human interest story
Audiences love drama and a great protagonist – which is why personal stories, also known as human interest pieces, make great features. People read human interest pieces for their emotional impact. A person’s unique experiences, trials and triumphs make great subject matter for a human interest piece, so if your personal background and story are unique, this may be a good format to consider pitching.

Personal profile / interview
A profile is an article that focuses on an individual and usually includes an interview with the subject. Some profiles provide a portrait of the subject (many celebrity profiles are done in this way), while others will focus on a particular aspect of the individual, such as the company they created or how they found success in their vocation. A personal profile may be presented in a narrative format or in Q&A style.

How to / informative feature
How-to/Informative features are straightforward pieces that teach the reader how to do something. Many How-To articles are written giving step-by-step instructions, while an informative feature is more narrative in format but still focuses on informing the reader about the subject matter. Top 5, Top 7 how to’s and advice lists are also a nice feature to create.

Expert round up
Expert round-ups, or roundtables, involve the participation of multiple people with similar backgrounds, who each give their opinion about a particular topic. These types of pieces also focus on informing the reader about a topic, and can be presented as Q&A’s or feature quotes from each member of the group.

Trend feature
Trend features focus on new or current cultural trends. These are generally light pieces that are easy to pitch if you’re an expert in the trends of your industry. Examples of trend features include stories on new fashion, technology, music or social trends.

Context / news feature
A context feature, sometimes referred to as a news feature, is an article that focuses on a topic of interest in the news. These pieces relate or provide context to a current news event in some way. Examples range from a travel piece that highlights the city where a major sports event is occurring, to a human interest piece that focuses on the people who will be affected by a new law.

New research / data feature
Features that highlight new research or data will focus on exactly that. These types of stories are great to pitch if your organization produces or is involved in any kind of research, as journalists are always looking for new information to share.

Product feature
Product features are generally written in the form of a product review or gift guide. Timing is a key factor for product pitches, as product reviews usually focus on newly released products, while gift guides often accord with particular holidays.

Essay/ opinion piece
Essays and opinion pieces are written in the first-person, and generally provide a perspective on a current news topic. This is a great story idea to pitch if your particular background or expertise can lend insight into a current issue in the news.

( Pitch type explanations previously given & posted by @bitesize PR)

Tips for filling out your pitch post

Pitch Title
Make it short & snappy. If it relates to an observed day or current news story try to add this to the title but keep it brief

Subject Category & Industry Sector
Niche is best for your audience so try and create ideas that would really suit and fit a particular audience and their needs.

Brief Outline
Do not give all your story away in a huge long chunk of text. You should be able to outline your pitch in a headline title and a couple sentences. To give you the best chance of being noticed we advise that you use the “Truth” method explained in the below video to help you.

Suggested interview questions

So many businesses need content and as they aren’t media trained thinking of the right questions can be a struggle so this section enables you to help them with ideas as well as make sure you get asked the right questions so that you can say the right thing and create great content.

Think about what you want to say and then work backwards on what questions these key things would answer.

Another great way to do it is think of the pain and problems you solve and work backwards until you can create the question that gives you that answer.
What is it that your audience want to know? What is it that they don’t know that they don’t know yet? Format questions that enable you to showcase your knowledge or new product so that you are able to give the audience brand new ideas and answers

You can also watch interviews on youtube of people who are similar to you and listen to what they get asked by the interviewer. You will easily be able to spot good and bad questions when you listen with this intent. You can then tweak these questions for your own benefit and this pitch.

Pitch Target Market
This is important because people want to make sure they get the right content for their audience. Be niche and direct as this will work for you in the long run.

Audience Interests
Keep it focused and do not guess. You should know your audience and if you don’t we advise that you seek this knowledge immediately. Shooting in the dark and being vague will not benefit you or your message.

Images / Video
Please outline if photos and videos are available to accompany your feature. If you are using other peoples photos please make sure you have written permission as otherwise you may get in trouble.

Links / Promotions / Giveaways
Please outline any added audience benefits that you would like to offer alongside this story. This is your chance to add added value to your pitch. Try and get email addresses so that you can grow your list.

TIP: No one likes an old or second hand story – Once your pitch has been used or if it becomes out of date please remove it from Gamechanger Casting. Your profile picture is next to each pitch you do so you will be recognised either as a reliable source or a time waster very quickly.

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