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Jessica Boston, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach
Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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On Screen Talent Tab

Want to be seen on screen or heard on the radio? If so you must tick this tab and make it live on your profile.

This tab enables you to showcase yourself as the go to expert in your industry for TV, radio, and online media

You must present yourself as screen ready in the content of this tab. Wether you already are the go to expert for the media in your field or if this is something you would like to achieve. Show yourself and prove your greatness with your video evidence.

Wether you have been on CNN 20 times or got no experience at all in the end producers and talent scouts just want to see your personality and that you communicate well on camera and in interviews.

Remember that every tab must be approached like a one page CV. People may only look at one tab on your profile. Make each tab incredible. Even if you are new to talking one screen and in the media add this tab and explain that you are new. Your honesty will enable you to grow your profile and business.

Talent Scouts are going to go to the tab that is relevant to the services that they need. Do not worry about repeating information, text, photos, video on multiple tabs. Make each tab the best you can.

Never leave a text box blank – Always write N/A or Coming Soon. Fill out your profile fully.

Please refer to Claire Anstey’s profile to give you a clear example of how this tab should be created

In the “On Screen Talent” tab you have the following options to fill out

Section One

         Synopsis – Here write a short introduction that explains your on screen experience and work. The media likes professional headlines / tag lines for instance Joe Wicks is “The Body Coach, Danette May is “America’s leading healthy lifestyle expert” who shows people how to “love the body you live in”. If you haven’t created yours yet go to our blog and academy pages where we have content and help on this.

         Available for –  Here you tick the work that you are available for. You may not want to be a TV host but all industry leaders should be offering themselves as a expert for screen, online video content and talking heads. A talking head is the term giving for when you are filmed to give your opinion on a subject or theme. It is your chance to share your expertise, opinions and memories.

         Experience Level –  We created this platform to help you grow no matter what experience you have. Be honest with your experience in this tick option. You will be surprised who is looking for new talent. Remember that people always need people to do things for free or low budget this is how you gain your experience. And for all our experienced members this makes sure that you are not hounded by offered that are low paid when you only are available for high ticket prices. Your experience level does not show on your profile. We want people to choose people via their knowledge and talent. The data in this section is used for the search filters and will enable people to find  the right candidates efficiently.

        Specialist topics & skills – What makes your expertise so specialist and bespoke to you? Here you can elaborate on the tag lines and professional headline you used in your synopsis. Niche is best, do not be afraid of your focus.  You may wish to keep updating this section to make it news worthy and relative to whats happening in the world / seasons etc. We have more guidance on this in our blog and academy.

        Recent gigs & credits –  Give evidence of what you have done and where you have already been seen. Previous work gives you authority, and gives bookers peace of mind that you are screen and radio ready. If you have no gigs or credits yet you must collaborate on this platform and create experience. This is why we set up the collaborate section in this platform. Even the biggest names collaborate and JV to create. Create a quick fire list of your gigs and credits in this text box – something in list form is easier to read and people will be going fast through the profiles. Again refer to Claire Anstey’s example profile to see how it should be done.

       On Screen Experience – This is were you can write in detail about your experience as a TV host, on screen expert, talking head etc. We suggest that you write a short paragraph for each option you selected in the “Available For” section. You have already listed your recent credits and gigs so here talk about what you can offer in each role as well as adding some of the previous experience you have. Remember it is all about proving your expertise and giving people new ideas about the content and angels you can provide as a expert. Refer to Claire Anstey’s profile to see how she has done it.

       Testimonials –  Add any testimonials that praise your work as a expert for tv and radio. Ask your audience for testimonials and ask any media professionals or business owners that you have done on screen / radio work for.

        Other information –  Here you can add any other relevant information. Are you looking at getting your own show commissioned, why not write that here and ask media professionals to get in touch.

Video Gallery –  Here you add your showreels and examples of you on camera. Show people that you are camera ready. Show people that you know how to talk to the camera as a tv host. Show people that you can be interviewed on camera as a industry expert. Wether you have years of experience or wether you are just filming yourself in your bedroom evidence is key. Prove that you are screen ready.

Have a look at for cheap video informercials and intros that you could use to make your profile and product stand out.

We only have a video gallery in this tab section. If you really want to add photos there is no reason why you can not create a video collage of photos and upload it to this section. There are many apps that enable you to make photo and audio collages very easily. Again show proof of you as a expert on screen, on radio or doing a podcast – this could be publicity shots of the show and evidence of the show in action. If you have worked with particular companies you could add there logos here. Photos really give evidence of you as the expert so don’t be shy when it comes to adding photos of you being the expert, show evidence of you doing that job / passion / activity.

Remember – By ticking this tab you make yourself available to be discovered in our search engines.

Make sure you tick this tab to be discovered.

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