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Jessica Boston, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach
Jessica Boston works with Cognitive Hypnotherapy – a modern, flexible therapeutic approach that combines the most effective elements of Ericksonian…
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My Story Tab

Your life story and your career experience will get you noticed and in the media.

By ticking this tab you make your story available to be discovered in our search engines.

Wether it be tragedy, triumph or your take on a every day situation – people love watching and reading about other people.

Reality is huge in the media and with the power of social media growing by the second everything and anything about who you are can be used to make you more visible, more relatable and more profitable.

If you would like to be interviewed on anything to do with your life you must tick and have this tab visible on your profile.

Please take a look at this profile and see how it has been created –

In the tab you have the following options to fill out

Section 1

           Story Details –  List the stories and live experiences that you are wiling to talk to the public and media about. We advise that you list the topics that you have selected and write a brief outline underneath. Refer to Claire Anstey’s profile (link given above) to see how this is done.

          Synopsis – Here add a brief outline of who you are. This will appear at the top of the tab in a bold font. This is where you can use quick eye catching headlines, professional headlines / tag lines

          Available for the following topics –  Tick the subjects that you are willing to talk about. This will enable you to be found in the search filters. Choose the topics that you are willing to discuss openly and honestly.

Video Gallery, Image Gallery, Gallery PDF, Audio Gallery – Here you add proof that supports your story. The media likes fresh new stories, it isn’t advised that you add press cuttings on this tab. If you have appeared in the media showcasing your expertise and achievements then do share them here but we aware that all media professionals like new, fresh and topical stories. Many will turn you down if they know you have already told this story to another magazine. Remember add proof of your stories and experience – show your past, the tragedy and the triumphs in images, videos etc. You may even want to do a quick diary style video giving a brief outline of your story. Do one video for each story and keep it to under 3 minutes as it is just a outline.

Create a short video to show how you are camera ready and how you look when talking about your personal story.

Show personal photos that can be used in magazine features and in online media. Journalists need photos.

Remember that every tab must be approached like a one page CV. People may only look at one tab on your profile. Make each tab incredible.

Talent Scouts are going to go to the tab that is relevant to the services that they need. Do not worry about repeating information, text, photos, video on multiple tabs. Make each tab the best.

Never leave a text box blank – Always write N/A or Coming Soon. Fill out your profile fully.

Remember – By ticking this tab you make yourself available to be discovered in our search engines. Make sure you tick this tab to be discovered.


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