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Our founder Claire Anstey is on a mission to make Gamechanger Casting the worlds no1 source of authentic experts, leaders and inspirational people.
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Gamechanger Casting helps business owners and professionals build a powerful personal brand and grow their business through speaking, publishing and publicity.

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We are a global service and we deliberately search for opportunities for our members around the world.

My mission is to give everyone a chance to be seen on heard. 

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"Our multi media profiles are extremely detailed and they hold photos, video AND audio. I spent over 6 months researching what event creators and media professionals want in the perfect talent directory profile. Gone are the days of boring speaker one sheets and NLP filled sales pitches. 

​​​​​​You see every person and every business is NOW a media company. You HAVE to present yourself as someone that can perform for all different communication mediums and media. The stage, the screen, social media, online and more.

I don't want any of you that have a business or a passionate message to get left behind.

Our publicity profiles showcase you as an industry expert who is media prepared and ready for anything.

For newbies who lack experience in certain media areas, use your profile to pitch yourself so that you get your first gigs, bookings and coverage. We have got all levels of experience covered!

You are a game-changer that speaks, teaches and shares, what you do hasn't changed but now that your audience can be anywhere and via any medium you have to show that you can deliver your content in different ways, otherwise your competitors will beat you to the post. I do not want that to happen to you.

I want to give you the edge when you apply for speaking jobs, interview opportunities and joint venture opportunities. I want you to win and I want you to make a difference in the world"
Founder Claire Anstey


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So who are our talent?
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For those of you who are serious about joining our mission we invite you to join our premium service.

Benefits include:

    •  Matched opportunities sent to your email
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    •    Tribe support & networking
    •  Collective mission to get more heart felt authentic humans on stage and screen around the world
    •  Training & education
    •  Prompts and ideas for your audience / content
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    •  Free upgrade to our app on launch

PR’s can cost thousands  - Your premium membership will pay for its self with just one opportunity

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    •    We are not an agent  - you keep 100% of your earnings

From short talks to panel discussions and auditorium-filled formal presentations, speaking & publicity catapults you from relative unknown to business superstar.

Share your genius & claim your space in the spotlight 
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Premium Monthly Subscription
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Publicity Profile Build
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  • + One expert profile
    + Unique profile URL to use in external aplications and links
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A basic free membership is available to all. You will have access to a Talent account that provides you with a beautiful publicity profile and you will feature in our Talent Directory.  If you are serious about making leaps and bounds though we do advise you go premium immediately.
No publicist?      No Agent?      No booker?      No problem?